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The greatest Christmas song never released – until now!

25 years in the making. Cult, Teesside-based, cabaret performers Carmen & Dick have succumbed to the pressure of their loyal fanbase and are set to unleash their evergreen but seldom-heard Christmas classic “Little Baby Jesus” on the world whether it’s ready or not. After the drama, uncertainty and general downbeat mood of the past few years it may just be the daft shot in the arm we all need. Based loosely on the original nativity story, the duo wrap all the best bits of the story and feelgood favourites from the past 50 years into a snowball of festive fun. 

Part 70s glam blockbuster, part rock opera the song was written, and first performed in the late 1990s when the duo worked on the disco stageshows Love Train and  Luv Bug which toured the UK and beyond. Performing live since, in their semi-improvised musical comedy shows, they have been compared (favourably we might add) to fellow North-Easterners Vic and Bob with an anarchic and slightly surreal streak running through their humour. Invite them on your show at your peril. 

The duo have penned many other Christmas songs together including “Christmas is for Everyone (Not Just The Christians)”, “Mary and The Donkey” and a festive lyric to the tune of the Grandstand Theme as well as a full-blown musical set in local town Thornaby and many other frivolities. 

“Little Baby Jesus” by Carmen & Dick will be released across all major streaming sites on December 2nd 2022.

The duo will perform their anarchic festive show at The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe on Sunday 4th December.

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