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It’s time to stand up for our NHS says Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald

Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald said: “I joined Labour Ward Councillors and Labour Party ‘members in Brambles Farm and Thorntree this weekend.

“We were on the doorstep talking to residents and delivering leaflets, as were activists right across the country simultaneously taking part in our largest ever national campaign day outside of a general election.

“Our message is: Labour created the NHS to care for us all, now it’s time for us all to care for the NHS.

“Whatever your political affiliation, our NHS has cared for us all since it was founded by Labour in 1948. It is the Labour Party again that is leading, standing up for our NHS. We will ensure when in power the NHS has the funding it needs.

“The Labour Party will also make sure that services from home to hospital are joined up with a properly integrated health and social care service.

“It is very clear how the tories are failing the NHS. They are selling it off piece by piece to profiteers. That is wrong and with public support it is preventable.

“They are ignoring every plea for them to address the mess they’ve created in social care with cuts to budgets of £4.5 billion and waiting lists stretching to 4 million. The crisis in social care is such that older and disabled people face being left without access to services.

“You might have thought the Chancellor of the Exchequer would have had something to say about the NHS in his Autumn Statement. That he didn’t mention it once speaks volumes about what the tories are doing to our NHS. They are threatening its existence just so private businesses and their shareholders can turn a profit.

“We all need to stand together to preserve and nurture our precious NHS” said Mr McDonald.

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