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Top 7 Jobs Most Millennials Want


Nov 19, 2020

Many stereotypes are revolving around millennials. Those are young people between the ages of twenty-four and forty. Many perceive them as careless, “go with the flow” kind of people addicted to technology and the latest trends. On the other hand, some find them up-and-coming because they are prone to use their knowledge and skills to the advantage of the companies they work for. 

Currently, in the United States, there are approximately seventy million millennials. In short, millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Young enough to play a critical role in many corporations, yet old enough to start taking more managerial positions. So, what jobs are at their disposal? Let’s take a look at their options!

Amazing Things Millennials Can Do!

Web Developer

As we stated in the beginning, most millennials are obsessed with technology and the digital era. It’s like they started using a computer before they were even able to talk or walk. They’ve never written a letter; instead, they instantly switched to emails.

That’s why they love these kinds of jobs. Web development requires excellent technical skills, graphic design knowledge, and superb communication skills to comprehend the needs of their potential clients. They can work for someone or be their own boss. A great advantage, indeed!

Insurance Agent

Perhaps surprisingly, many young folks are choosing this job as a great career option. Insurance experts at StateRequirement.com think it’s because they find it a stable career that provides them with lots of good opportunities. There will always be people who are willing to buy various insurance products, which means more money for them. 

Social Media Manager

This is no surprise, especially now in the era of social networks. What does one have to do? Usually, a person supervises the social media platforms of their client. They generally represent the voice of a particular brand.

Furthermore, social media managers frequently post an interesting post about the company they represent, respond to numerous questions and comments, and develop engaging campaigns to attract potential consumers. All in all, they have to promote the client’s brand as best as they can.

Other Business Opportunities Millennials Choose


This is the industry that continues to grow. Most healthcare-related jobs offer outstanding salaries, and this especially refers to pharmacists. They can accomplish impressive careers and earn a lot of money.

Namely, a pharmacist has a lot of options at his or her disposal. He/she can work in a hospital, retail pharmacies, grocery stores, drugstores, and many other locations. Moreover, they provide consumers with useful advice and information regarding numerous health issues.


A thing that’s closely related to the line of work we mentioned above. Today, everything revolves around the internet, especially if you’re young. It has changed how a lot of them do their jobs these days. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most millennials are drawn to the business side of the internet. It offers them so many opportunities, such as being an editor, graphic designer, statistician, chat operator, and many other occupations.

Those that have a knack for creativity tend to turn to something related to design. It can be an interior design, graphic design, industrial design, floral design, etc. Those who live in the United States earn approximately almost fifty thousand US dollars annually.

Teamwork Jobs

This type of work surely isn’t for everyone, however, young people who are willing to work in and for a team can achieve great things in their career. It’s of great relevance to be able to communicate well, to be able to respect other people’s opinions and to listen to your colleagues. If you are willing to do that, you will demonstrate professionalism in the company you work for, plus earn a substantial amount of money if you’re good at this.

Dental Hygienist

Millennials who choose this occupation need to face different types of people. Therefore, it’s crucial to be a superb communicator if they want to maintain a healthy relationship with many clients. Besides, those who pick this career will never get bored because dental hygienists have a lot of things to do. Their tasks include cleaning teeth, screening for cavities or oral cancers, taking X-rays, and educating patients about their dental hygiene. 

The Future Lies In Their Hands

When you are young, you have endless possibilities when it comes to your career. Millennials are the most significant generation in the workforce for the time being. This just goes to show that they can look forward to a bright future and outstanding earning potential. The list that we created is just an example of what these young people love to do, but there’s so much more that we haven’t yet shown.

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