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Using Your Good Looks to Get Hired? Here the the Best Makeovers to Consider


Nov 19, 2020

If your best asset is your good looks, you’d probably have what it takes to work in sales, the hospitality industry, or under the limelight. Believe it or not, attractiveness is a major contributing factor in increasing your employability for such jobs. It may not determine your competence, but sometimes, that, coupled with your innate charm, is all you need to thrive and succeed in some careers.

Bartenders, bottle servers, and host and hostesses, for instance, are usually very prettyor handsome, with a smile that instantly lightens your mood. Trainers and life coaches, on the other hand, have perfectly sculpted bodies like they’re posing for a magazine cover shoot every day. You may not be aware of this, but you’d usually trust those people more if they’re attractive. Their good looks boost their credibility, and their employers know that all too well.

Therefore, if you wish to succeed as a model, actress, influencer, or as anything else that values outer beauty, get these makeovers to empower yourself and your career journey:

  1. Get a New Haircut

People tend to assume that a new, dramatic haircut is a sign of having a broken heart, but in your case, make it an indirect announcement of a new chapter in your life: a new, rocking job. Your new haircut will increase confidence, which will significantly improve your work performance.

  1. Adopt a New, Bolder Makeup Routine

If the natural makeup look is no longer doing its magic on you, try changing your lipstick shade, eyeliner stroke, or eye shadowblends. Little changes in your makeup routine will substantially elevate your look, especially if you’ve successfully improved a makeup mistake that you usually make, such as filling in your brows, which many girls don’t always get right the first time.

  1. Get a Perm of Hair Straightening Treatment

A perm is a good choice to add volume and life to limp, flat hair. But if your locks are barely manageable and frizzy all the time, straightening them is the way to go. Just go easy on the chemical treatments, or on using heating tools if you’re styling your hair yourself. Heat styling is generally recommended no more than once per week, and your natural hair must always be shampooed, conditioned, and completely dried before being curled or straightened with an iron. Never run a heating tool on your unwashed locks, because it’ll “cook” the dirt and oil in, leaving you with worse damage.

  1. Whiten Your Teeth

There are various ways to whiten your teeth, but if you don’t have time for a dental appointment, buying a teeth whitening light kit or bundle will suffice. It’s the UV mouthpiece beauty vloggers use to instantly brighten their tea- or coffee-stained pearls. Using it for the first time may feel odd, but the brilliant results it’ll give you will make sitting with the mouthpiece onfor ten or so minutes worth it.

  1. Wardrobe Change

Your wardrobe plays a huge role in your professionalism. If you only own casual, everyday outfits, they may negatively affect your credibility during client meetings outside the office (if you wear uniforms in the office). Hence, match your wardrobe to your career, and don your new smart casual or corporate attire with pride and confidence as you meet with your next big client.

  1. Change Your Hair Color

If you haven’t noticed, this is the third hair-related makeover in this list. That’s because our hairs aren’t called our crowning glory for no reason. In fact, just changing it can be enough to alter your image entirely.

So if a new haircut, a perm, or a straightening is too dramatic for you, consider dyeing or applying highlights instead. It’ll enhance your tresses, especially if they’re already shiny and healthy.

  1. Mind Makeover

If you’re feeling anxious about taking on a new job, try a  mind makeover, which is basically tending to your mental health. There’s even a self-help book called “The Mind Makeover: The Answers to Becoming the Best YOU”, by Sharon Lowe. It shows the importance of having the right and healthy mindset in unleashing the best version of yourself.

Other ways to give your mind a makeover are getting enough sleep, doing yoga or meditation exercises, taking a trip, starting a new hobby, writing in a journal, and working out. These activities stimulate your senses and release your emotions in a safe and creative way. They also improve your moods and make you more cheerful from the happy hormones you’d release, and the exhilaration you’ll feel from experiencing something new.

A physical makeover is only skin deep after all, so no matter how much you elevate your looks, your real beauty won’t shine unless your mind is free from toxins and negativity as well. Therefore, don’t forget to address your mental health before trying to change your looks. Getting a makeover should enable you to get to know yourself better, not take away your identity.

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