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Top Programmatic Advertising Trends You Must Follow in 2020

Programmatic advertising is the one that regulates and vigil around the whole of the technological-based advertisement. To define Programmatic advertising in an easy sense, it is basically the buying and selling of advertisement-based online platforms. And here the job of Programmatic advertising company is to make dealings and business transactions swiftly and fluidly, rationalizing the process, hence by bonding numerous advertising platforms into one.

A.I. in programmatic advertising:

Numerous advertisers need to get into a conclusion regarding audience choice, target market, campaign optimization and estimation, which is essential for developing the strategy of audience management. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based technologies will keep on rising because marketers heavily depend upon them to find the right target market as that helps advertisers to deliver an appropriate message on the right channel at the ideal time.

A.I., when combined with Machine Learning (ML), predicts results and recommends the best action to individual consumers by helping and simplifying their buying process.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH):

DOOH is a type of marketing channel where the promotional advertisement is dynamically and digitally displayed in outdoor public spaces. Mastering this can help in augmenting the scale of exposure and the speed of direct impact, thus thereby increasing sales of a particular brand.

In upcoming years there will be an exceptional transition from merely buying and trading space for an advertisement to evaluating data for target marketing. This will thus help in putting ads in places, where they will be most likely to get the interest group at a random time.

5G will catalyze all programmatic advertising:

The cellular bandwidth scenario is expected to get a huge lift with the commercial presence and launch of 5G networks. The data transfer capacity of 5G is believed to be 5times faster 4G. The high data transfer capacity of 5G won’t just permit sites or videos to load quickly but will empower the advertisement environment to deliver ads rapidly. Also, it will place an advertisement at the correct mediums and at the ideal time with blazingly fast speed.

The high-speed data will allow advertisers to present high-resolution videos to detail every portion of a product visually. High speed of data transmission also implies that programmatic advertising will be able to contact with the audience more interactively.

Programmatic T.V. is all set to grow:

Content consumption pattern in T.V. has encountered radical changes, i.e. the shift from Cable to over the top services. Here programmatic marketing aims are to give the benefit to advertisers using both types of T.V. services. Programmatic T.V. aims to gain more quality for its viewers with a data-driven approach for purchasing and conveying advertisements.

Advertisers need to grasp the reality of the inclination of programmatic T.V. and set up their promoting budget plans and tactics to suit the new medium of programmatic T.V.

High impact ad creatives to return:

Dynamic creative optimization had led to the rise of high impact advertisements in 2020. Brands with the help of CMP have implemented DCO that has thus helped in the creation of significant, superior and highly effective ad for buyers.

High impact advertisement is regarded high for captivating nature that can hold the attention of the audience for long. But there are some factors like, using the advertisement format that is viewable for that particular environment, and ensuring that the view-ability is matched by memorability.

Components such as creative advertisement and messaging and the digital platform used for the advertisement placement can be added to derive effective brand awareness among consumers.


Thus, to conclude new technologies based on A.I., Machine learning and 5G, and also the newer forms of advertisement such as DOOH, programmatic T.V. advertising, sum up to deliver advertisements more effectively. So, these are the above-mentioned trends that one should follow in a programmatic advertisement in 2020 and beyond.

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