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Understanding the Role of Employment Solicitors

ByDave Stopher

Jun 22, 2020

Employment solicitors, as the name suggests, are legal experts who mainly focus on employment matters. They are professionals who offer services to either employers or employees. Some focus on both. But what exactly do they do? This article highlights some of the services employment solicitors offer to help you understand their role and why you may need to hire them.

Employment Law Compliance for Employers

According to Gov.uk, as an employer you should ensure that all employees on full time and part-time contracts receive a written contract, a payslip indicating all deductions, leave, and sick pay, and rest breaks among others. It is also your responsibility to ensure that there is no discrimination in the workplace, all employees are getting the minimum wage, and working conditions are safe and secure.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive; employment law covers a lot more. You as an employer should research to find all the laws and regulations, prepare the necessary documents, and ensure you are adhering to them all. Employer responsibilities will differ based on the type of employment contract. For instance, your responsibility towards the full-time staff is not the same as your responsibility for contractors.

Such tasks can be exhausting, especially considering you still have your core business processes to run. Some legal terms can be tough to understand too. Additionally, you should note that laws and guidelines keep changing. Hence, you have to keep checking new developments and making updates to ensure your company remains compliant.

Employment law solicitors are professionals who understand employment laws and compliance well. They help employers in understanding their responsibilities and drafting all the necessary documents required by the law. They can also help in preparing documents that are not required by the law but may be helpful in avoiding and resolving disputes in the workplace.

With the help of a legal expert, you can get things done fast, effectively, and efficiently to avoid any issues in the future. This will ensure that both you and your employees get the protection you deserve. And with such compliance, you could get benefits such as:

  • No discrimination in the workplace
  • No confusion as to what unfair treatment constitutes and how disputes should be handled
  • The employer will be protected from any unlawful claims
  • Employers can work towards building profitable companies and employees can earn fair wages while working in safe and secure environments

Therefore, if you are just starting out a new business or aren’t sure yours is fully compliant, consider talking to employment solicitors. You can visit qredible.co.uk to choose a lawyer. Qredible is a platform that allows easy searches for legal experts based on area of specialisation, experience and location. When making your choice, consider employment law solicitors who have experience in handling employer-related matters.

Resolving Employment-Related Issues

Even when contracts and policies are in place, issues do arise in the workplace. A solicitor can help in resolving these issues fast and effectively. As stated in the introduction, solicitors help both employers and employees. Thus, employers can contact a legal expert when they get claims from employees and employees can do the same when making a claim.

For employers:

Resolving a claim can not only be time-consuming but also draining. If the claim is not handled well, you could end up losing a lot of money and soiling your name as a good employer. How you handle claims in your company can also affect the productivity of your team and the profitability of the company. Remember, all the other employees and other people are watching you closely. The steps you take can either make or break your business.

In case of a claim by an employee or any other issue in the workplace, an experienced employment solicitor can help you as an employer by:

  • Reviewing contracts and policies
  • Advising the employer on the options they have when it comes to handling claims
  • Reviewing and advising employers on settlement agreements
  • A solicitor can also represent you on an employment tribunal

For employees:

As an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly, given the right wage, and in a work environment that is safe and secure among many other things. If your employer or supervisors go against that, you should report this immediately. Some cases are settled without any legal proceeding but others end up in court.

For employees, an employment solicitor can help in:

  • Reviewing your case and advising you on the best action to take. A legal expert, with a proper understating of employment law and experience in handling employment-related issue, is the best person to get advice from when determining the direction your case should take
  • Preparing the information and documents you need for your case
  • Reviewing settlement agreements: Remember, once you settle, there is no going back. Agreeing to a settlement means the claims you had against your employer are settled. You can’t bring them up again
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Bringing the case to court

You can contact an employer when you face issues at work such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Unfair dismissal

Training on Employment Law

Employment solicitors are experts in employment law and thus companies can engage them when training staff and management. It’s not enough for companies to formulate policies and get employees to sign contracts. Training is essential as it ensures everyone gets a clear understanding of the different subjects under employment laws. By investing in training, employers can build trust with employees, unfair treatment in the workplace can be reduced, employees can be more confident in identifying and reporting any actions that goes against the employment laws, and the company can eliminate unlawful claims. When employers get training, they can understand their responsibilities better. They can also avoid being bound by employment myths that are not employment laws.

Those are some of the roles employment law solicitors play. When you require the services of a solicitor, make sure you hire the right one. Look not only at the qualifications and experience but also the practising certificate, fees, and reputation.