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Unique Colour Changing Launch. The Chameleon.

ByDave Stopher

Oct 17, 2018


So what is this new colour changing bottle? It’s called the Chameleon, and quite simply It is the only bottle that changes colours when cold! It uses thermochromic ink which reacts to cold temperatures. It will change colour when the temperature drops, so cold water and is resistant to UV rays. This means you’ll know exactly how full your bottle is without having to open it! As the cold water activates the colour, empty sections of warmer air return to white colour.  This allows you to see the fill level. From a glance you’ll know how cold your water is as the colour intensity gradually lightens as bottle gets warmer.  Never be surprised by drinking warm water again!

Over 1 million single use plastic bottles are used everyday the Chameleon is re-usable and sustainably sourced. Chameleon doesn’t pretend to be the first re-usable water bottle they hope the design inspires more people to ditch using one time use plastic bottles and help save our environment.  On average for every Chameleon bottle used daily will save 200 plastic water bottles being added to landfills and our oceans every year.  Not to mention it’s going to save you a few pennies. So please go and make the switch to a reusable bottle.

The Chameleon will be available in small 450ml and large 600ml, in a choice of 6 colours to start with. It will be launched on Kickstarter late October. You can back from as little as £5, whilst  £15 gets you any bottle colour in any size, with the first 300 backers getting a limited edition bottle. Pricing to be confirmed.