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Unusual and practical: Tips for unmissable accessories for the modern living room

ByDave Stopher

Nov 27, 2021

Sometimes subtle, sometimes totally overlooked. But – they make a home, a home! We’re talking, of course, about interior accessories. It’s worth remembering that you should never rush into your choice of decoration – but rather take care. Especially in the living room, where you spend most of your time. Keep it personal, but well-chosen: take your inspiration from accessories that give your living room a stylish, yet totally ‘you’ feel.

Paintings and photographs

Without something on the walls, the living room would look strangely sad. That’s why it’s important to hang paintings and photographs, to make your space feel cosy. Moreover, wall art chosen by you perfectly reflects your personality and gives the room that unique character. Even better are some framed family snaps- you can bet no one else will have those!

A large painting looks best above the core of the room – your sofa & coffee table. If you’re not really into art, have photo art made from a favourite photograph or collage of photos. Designer wall clocks, or decoration that you make yourself if you’re handy – such as hanging macramé, or even strategically placed lighting – will also look great.

Textile accessories

Cushions, a blanket, or a throw over the sofa – textiles always add a touch of warmth and comfort to the living room. And, of course, they make relaxing, reading or watching your favourite film that little bit more enjoyable.

Decorative rugs or imitation animal skins will also look great in your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual designs! Follow the ‘rule of three’ when choosing the colours of your textile accessories – choose three dominant colours and three patterns that will blend into the whole living room interior.

Small furniture

Like any living room, yours probably has a sofa or sofa with a coffee table, a bookcase or a couple of shelves, maybe a TV table and a wall. Try adding smaller pieces – stools, footstools and side tables – to this basic set-up to give the space variety. An added bonus is side tables make great spaces for an extra touch of decoration – like a beautiful vase or a statement lamp.

If space allows, find creative seating solutions too. Floor cushions can be very trendy, and the kids will have a lot of fun with them. A rocking chair or a swing seat that hangs from the ceiling will also do wonders!


Houseplants are a must for any space. Bold evergreens will look amazing in a large living room – a ficus or palm are good options. A snake plant is a popular choice too. It’s striking, comes in a variety of different sizes and colours, and best of all, doesn’t require much maintenance or special care. Monstera are also very fashionable – if a little needier!

Make sure you don’t place your plant in a pot without drainage. If you have a beautiful pot in mind that doesn’t have any holes in the bottom (or is made of fabric), either drill some in or use your pot as a ‘display’ pot – keeping the plant in its original pot inside. When it’s time to water it, take it out and allow it to drain properly before putting it back. Materials like rattan and wood always go well with plants, and fabric handwoven baskets always make a statement!