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How to Create a Video that Stands Out: 5 Essential Tips

ByDave Stopher

Nov 27, 2021

Video Marketing has become the new trend in the field of digital marketing. There was a time when marketing managers used to focus more on the written content and the images for promotion purposes. But the video showed its magic and led to higher engagement as compared to the other type of content. Hence you would have seen many promotional videos on Instagram and Facebook in recent times. There was a time when a company needs to hire a professional video creator or a videographer to create high-quality videos. But thanks to the development in technology one can easily create videos with the help of apps such as wave video.

If you do not have a higher budget and looking for the easiest ways to create the videos then you can certainly take help from these video-making apps. It is as easy as creating your profile and post it on social media. Hence even if you do not have the right skills or expertise you can still create videos with these video-making apps. But it is important to maintain the quality as well since the purpose is to engage your customers. Hence you would need to keep few things in mind before creating the videos. Here are few tips that would help you to create the videos that would stand out.

Pick Up a Great Idea

The very first step that you would need to take while creating a video is to think of a great idea. You already have a product or a service in your mind that you would like to promote but it is all about how do you promote it. It is not only about creating a slide show or a video with your product images. Brainstorm few ideas about the possible ideas to create the video and try to implement the same in your video. Various apps would help you to create animated videos of your product if you do not wish to use your or any human face.

Keep it short

Why do people watch a video rather reading an article? It is simple. To save time. So, what if you create a promotional video of 10 minutes and post it on social media? How many people would take out time to watch it completely? Everyone is busy nowadays and hence it is all about creating the impression at the start itself. Hence it is important to deliver your message in a short frame of time. It is always recommended to keep the length of a promotional video anywhere up to 1 to 2 minutes.

Keep it simple

We do not want to create a video related to any rocket science or NASA concept. Our purpose is to only deliver the message to the customer about the product or the service in the right way. Hence it is important to keep it simple. Use the combination of the right images and right audio to present your services or products. Do not try to bombard your viewers with too much information. Keep the perfect balance of images and the other content.

Add a bit of fun

There is no harm to play around with your video a bit. You do not wish to bore your viewers with plain information and pictures. Try to add a bit of humor which would help to increase the viewership and the engagement level of your video. You can also try putting the fun spin on the demonstrations or spicing up some part of the script. You can also take references from few other promotional videos to create your strategy.

Choose the right background

It is important to choose the right background when you plan to shoot the video at your place.  You can either choose between the real as well as the fake background. This is mostly applicable for individual service providers such as coaches. If you are planning to shoot with a real background then you can choose a real-life environment such as an outdoor location or a living room. If you are not comfortable flashing the real-life environment then you can play around with various fake backgrounds such as papers, green screens, or curtains. But this could be a bit difficult if you are a beginner.