We all need a good night out from time to time and, for a lot of people this might involve the drinks flowing, the tunes pumping and the occasional ill-advised dance-off with a mate or two. But have you ever thought about adding bingo to the mix? Some apparently have, and acting on it has created a new type of club night.

A wilder kind of bingo

Hang on, stick with us. While you might not initially be sure, it is safe to say that Rave Bingo is not exactly the kind of thing that your gran would be up for same as bonusy bez depozytu. Ran by a company called Bongo’s Bingo, the wildest version of bingo you’ve ever experienced only came to Newcastle in December last year with a launch party held at the Boiler Shop on South Street.

A little context

But wait a minute, how have we come to live in a world where someone thought the combination of rave music and bingo would be a good idea?

Well, it is worth considering that many younger people have been getting into the game in recent years, primarily due to online sites offering a fresh take on the game and a host of promotions. In fact, recent figures from WhichBingo showed that 1.9 million people in the UK now play bingo every month, which makes it more popular than tennis.

Many bingo sites offer bingo along with other gaming experiences too. For example, bgo’s casino game options mean players can play games such as roulette, poker and slots from the comfort of their own home. This is on top of a host of different variations of bingo offered by bgo, which include versions based on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Deal or No Deal. As a sidenote, bgo perhaps interestingly reflects the industry’s overall drive towards a younger target market in its use of Austin Powers and reality TV star Verne Troyer as a brand ambassador.

While playing the game at home may not seem the most social way to do so, a number of sites offer text chat options for interaction with other players and Crown Bingo also has some live games hosted by presenters. Put simply, you may not have realised it but bingo – and its online version in particular – are truly thriving.

A fresh twist

Twitter via @69mag 

So, the big question is why you should you take a leap into the wild and very wacky world of Rave Bingo.

The club night offers the classic experience of a fascinating game of bingo with a few twists thrown in to keep things fresh. For example, rave intervals are standard practice with players expected to grab the nearest glowstick to join in the techno fun.

There may also be the odd dance-off thrown in, as well as a piñata for a little more madness. In terms of prizes, the organisers keep their cards close to their chest as “it would spoil the surprise”. To be realistic, Rave Bingo doesn’t offer the same level of cash prizes you can get from playing bingo on leading sites such as bgo, but they do hand out, in their own words “biggish prizes” as well as “crap prizes.”

If you’re wondering about the age range of players, the fact that the idea has been embraced by universities – with fresher’s events being common – may get you an idea of the competitors you would be up against.

Pure fun

In terms of their inspiration behind the phenomenon, the Bongo’s Bingo organisers have always stated they have one aim – they simply want to offer up a good time to all. If you’re after an evening of pure unadulterated fun based featuring a twist on an old classic, it is well worth grabbing a ticket for the next Bongo’s Bingo event and experiencing the madness for yourself.