Triple award winning Film producer Dean Midas Maynard is getting ready for the release of his new short horror film, Valentine’s Eve.
Valentine’s Eve is about the fictional story of Eve Valentine, a serial killer from the 50’s.
Dean has written the script and produced the film.
The film also features a cameo from Sam Lavery.
Sam Lavery reached the final 7 of the X Factor in 2016, she then performed every night on the 2017 X Factor Live Arena Tour around the UK and Ireland.

In 2019 Sam played the part of Whatsername in Green Days ‘American Idiot’ and toured the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Dean, co-produced and acted in 2014’s ‘The Legend of the Chained Oak’. The film won best horror short awards at The Bram Stoker Festival, Portobello Festival and Stoke Your Fires and was shortlisted at numerous other festivals around the world. It has also been shown at numerous Horror Con events around the UK.  In October 2019 he released the acclaimed short film, The Rag Dolly Returns.
Valentine’s Eve will be released on Facebook and YouTube on February 13th at 9pm.

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