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Luton – Available to order now, with first deliveries in July, Vauxhall has added an all-new Euro 6.2-compliant 1.5-litre Turbo D (130PS) powertrain to its Grandland X SUV range.

In SE trim, it achieves CO2 emissions from 108g/km and combined fuel economy of 68.9mpg when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.

The powertrain is also available with a new eight-speed automatic transmission which features an optimised torque converter to improve gear shift smoothness and reduce idling vibrations. Quick shift technology offers one of the best shifting speeds on the market, while also featuring a manual shifting mode.

The engine’s performance can compete with many top-of-the-range 2.0-litre engines with 130PS, which is a gain of 10PS compared to the out-going 1.6-litre (120PS) unit. The engine provides improved driving response, maintained even at higher speeds thanks to the new four-valve cylinder head, for a driving feel closer to that of a petrol engine. It also features an effective emissions reduction system, not only meeting strict environmental requirements, but also effectively treating NOx, helping contribute to improved fuel economy.

“The high-tech design of the new 1.5-litre diesel in the Vauxhall Grandland X enables customers to combine the fun of a compact SUV with the powerful performance and low emissions of an advanced diesel engine,” said Ian Mitchell, Vauxhall’s Grandland X Brand Manager.

The new engine will be available from £24,190 on-the-road for the SE model. The 1.5-litre diesel’s fuel consumption is: urban 60.1-64.2 mpg, extra-urban 70.6-74.3 mpg, combined 67.3-68.9 mpg and 108-110g/km CO2.

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