When it comes to modifying our cars, knowing what we can and cannot do is difficult for anyone that isn’t an auto expert. With that in mind, you might wish to make sure you get changes which are affordable, ethical, and legal – but how can you make sure that is the case?

First off, you need to understand that some car modifications were once considered safe and legal but now you will have the long arm of the law tapping on your window! Also consider that some modifications are legal in some parts of the world aren’t legal in others. This article explores some outlandish modifications that were considered legal at one point or another.

Arabian Chrome Cars

Chrome is often seen as the ideal way to make a car stand above all the rest. In a place such a Dubai, full of luxury cars, it’s no surprise that chrome is a way to elevate your status. It is strange to think it is totally acceptable to cover your car in any kind of chrome addition that won’t impact on driver visibility. You can even have chrome wheels rims and a marble-design carbon fibre body.

Opulence is the name of the game in the united arab emirates, and the example of chrome-covered cars is just another showcase of this extreme level of wealth.

Canadian Super Lights

Here, if you want to improve visibility on your car, you get some extra-strong headlights. Yet you there are limits on how many lights and how strong the lights can be, so that you don’t inhibit other drivers. In Canada? You were once allowed to essentially fit as many lights to your car as you felt were needed.

As victims of heavy snowstorms, the Canadians took the approach that it was better to be visible at all times than to be too visible. It was therefore acceptable to have things like two fog lamps, a pair of spot lamps, and various off-road lamp accessories.

South African Jet Flamers

One of the most intriguing yet insane legal car modifications comes from South Africa. Over there, people could come up with a means of editing their car that would install a pair of flamethrowers underneath the front doors of your car.

They were seen as being not only incredibly cool, but a terrifyingly efficient way to put off hijackers from trying to gain access to your car. They were extremely expensive, but they were also completely legal for a chunk of the 1990s.

What have you seen?

The world of vehicle modifications is growing all the time, with people from all around the world taking the opportunity to turn their cars into true bling-machines. This has become a very impressive part of the vehicle modifications industry, but across the world the rules and regs do change quite a bit.

As the above article shows us, some cars were designed with the intention of going a little bit further than some tinted windscreens or fancy exhaust sounds. What are some of the craziest (legal or otherwise) car modifications that you have seen being used around the world? The header image is one you may have seen on the streets and wondered how it is considered to be legal.