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What items should you discard before moving to a new house?


May 25, 2022

When you are about to relocate to your dream home, then the very first thing you have to decide is what you will take along with you. Moving is quite a stressful job to do, the only way to make it hassle-free and easier is by taking only the items that are necessary to survive. Leave the rest of the items. To get rid of the extra stuff, you should host a party in your backyard. This will help you earn money for the items that are of no use to you but are very good in condition. The best moving companies San Diego have a lot of good advice for you in that case. So, check it out-

The old items

When deciding items what to take along with you be honest. You might have stuff that stopped being useful and has gone out of style so it is just a waste of money to take such items along with you. Make an inventory of the entire home, you will even get to know what you have accumulated and how much stuff in the past few years. You will find a lot of items that you have forgotten that you possess.

Unused kitchen gadgets

There are a lot of small kitchen appliances present out there that are untouched and are of no use further too. It is time to toss all of these items. If you use this barely and the last year you even had not used it then it is time to toss it. Also, if there are appliances that do not perform their function then throw these items right away and consider investing in the new ones.

Don’t overdo the packing of clothing

When it comes to clothing packing, most people overdo it. It is recommended you access what you wear on regular basis and with what items you are fond of. You should donate the rest of the items. Also consider where you are relocating to, if you have clothing items that are not suitable for the weather conditions of the new place then donating these is just an ideal option.

Less important records

When living in a home for a long time, all tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary stuff and papers. Relocation is just the best time to tear off all the unnecessary records and documents. Of course, there will be a lot of documents that are necessary to keep such as birth certificates, financial records, educational certificates, licenses, and a lot others. Make a pile of those which are of no use in the future. Though you can consider storing the records on the computer if you find it useful.

Why decluttering is a great option?

Decluttering is always the best option to make the entire relocation easy and smooth. Here you will get to know why this is important.

  • To lower the transportation cost according to the weight of the shipment. The fewer items you need to relocate, the more you can save on it.
  • The more packing materials will be required in case you have more stuff to relocate such as bubble wrap, furniture blankets, cardboard boxes, and so on. The less the wastage and remaining stuff after relocation, the greener relocation you will have.
  • The entire process will become more systematic and organized as you will have less stuff to pack and unpack. Also, you can organize the entire stuff in the new house in an easy way.

Questions you should ask yourself to decide what to toss!!!

  • Do I require this?
  • What is the condition of items?
  • How often do I use this?
  • Does the item need an upgrade?
  • Does it go with the style of your new home?
  • Consider the price of the item, is taking this will make you spend more than its real cost.
  • Think about the future value of possessions when making a decision.

Don’t get sentimental with every second item and start packing the same. Yes, taking one to two items with which, your sentiments are attached is a great idea but taking every second item because of its sentimental value is not good at all.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Make a “keep list” of the items that you require and then discard the rest of the items. The above guide will help you a lot to do this effectively so that you will leave with less stuff to juggle with.


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