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The best time to launch a field service company

Are you thinking about starting a field service business?

Launching a company can be exciting, but finding the best time to open your doors can be challenging.

While there’s no perfect time to start a field service business, consider the following when finding the ideal time to launch your company.


Look at market demand
As a business owner, you need in-depth knowledge of market demand.

Conduct market research to understand the current demand for the services you plan to offer. Identify opportunities and challenges, and find gaps your business can fill.

Analyse your competitors to see how saturated the market is. See what they offer so you can identify your competitive advantage and areas of expertise that are high in demand.


Consider seasonality
Identify the peak seasons of your industry and consider starting your business during the off-season. The off-season gives you enough time to prepare your technicians and build brand awareness.

Starting a business when demand is low gives you time to recruit and onboard staff without the pressure of customer demand. You can train and prepare your team to handle increased workloads during peak season.

Building a business during the off-season gives you time to build brand awareness. By the time peak season arrives you’ll be well-positioned to capture market share and generate sales.


Ask yourself if you’re ready
Field service business owners need diverse skills to manage their operations. Problem-solving, time management, leadership, communication, and financial management are some of the skills you’ll need.

Assess your skillset to determine your readiness to launch and run a profitable, competitive business.


Make sure you understand the industry
Get to know the industry to ensure you can run a competitive and successful company.


Identify industry leaders you can learn from. Build industry-specific skills and knowledge to stay relevant as a service provider. Find events you can attend to get to know others in the field and stay updated on industry trends.


Consider the cost
Starting a business requires capital for various expenses; make sure you have the funds to cover these costs. If you don’t have enough of your own money, apply for loans or raise capital.

Most field service start-ups need money to invest in equipment and inventory. You’ll also need cash to invest in software to manage your business. Digital tools like accounting software, inventory systems, GPS tracking, and job card management software can help you stay on top of your workforce and workload.


Build a solid foundation
Before you start your business, lay the groundwork for success. Establish your operational processes and build relationships with suppliers before you open your business.

Clear processes empower you and your team to deliver quality services on time. They reduce confusion and minimise mistakes. Defining your processes before you start will set you up for success and ensure the smooth running of your business from day one.

Good supplier relationships can lead to improved reliability of supply. No matter what happens, you can rely on them to deliver the right parts when you need them. This reliability minimises the risk of delays or disruptions in your operations.


Know the legal requirements
Understanding the legal requirements of starting a field service business is non-negotiable. You must get licenses, permits, and insurance before you can open your doors.

Make sure you meet these requirements to stay compliant and avoid legal consequences. Once you understand the legal and regulatory requirements, you can get ready to start your company.


Final thoughts
There’s no good time to start a field service business. Every season has its challenges. Consider what we’ve shared, find the best time for you, and go for it!