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Where to Find Monthly Average Exchange Rate Published by Bank of England

ByDave Stopher

Oct 1, 2018

Exchange rates, one of the most puzzling enigmas of the economic world. With all the different values and fluctuating rates, it has become quite difficult to keep track of exchange rates. Especially after the rise of the black market, which resulted in a whole new set of values and consequently an exchange rate. This is why people often need confirmation that the exchange rate they are using is an official one provided by the government.

In addition, for you to analyze a currency’s performance, you would be better off comparing its exchange rate fluctuations throughout a long period of time. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about looking for reliable information when it comes to exchange rates.

This article will provide you with different sources to get monthly exchange rates that are published by the Bank of England.


One of the rare, non-commercial currency converting websites that actually offer exchange rates provided by the Bank of England. With a simple layout and an easy-to-use interface, the process of looking for UK monthly average exchange rate will never be more convenient than this. Not only that, but also, the website provides graphs and visual aids where you will be able to find numerous, detailed data points plotted against other factors on several types of graphs and diagrams.

Financial Times

What better source to go to for reliable information other than one of the most trusted newspapers in the field? On their website, Financial Times offers comparison graphs between currencies for periods up to five years. Furthermore, they also offer several data regarding exchange rates like the percentage change in value over different time spans. What sets the Financial Times apart from others is the fact that it is often regarded as a purely financial newspaper.


Since we are talking about big names in the journalism industry, it is only fair to mention the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their website, like currency-convertor.uk, has a clean, organized interface which allows you to find what you are looking for quite easily. From currency news and minute by minute updates on worldwide markets to extremely detailed exchange rate graphs, their servers are loaded with exchange rate information.

Before You Go

Keep in mind that all the sources stated here have been researched and double checked for reliability. The Bank of England is their main data provider which means that their data is as official as it gets. Anyway, this is why if you are going to use any other source, it is better if you also do your research in order to guarantee that the information you are receiving is valid. Another thing is that while using graphs, make sure that you are tracking the right information. In other words, data entries on graphs can get mixed up due to several reasons like a smaller font or very narrow spacing, etc. So, always make sure you double-check the points you locate.

Other than that, have a nice time tracking exchange rates!