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Which flavour are you?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 3, 2021

Our choices reflect who we are. Taste is a very personal thing and we experience different emotions according to what tickles our smell, buds and feelings. In that sense, what we consume does not only determine our perception of moments, it also influence how we are perceived by others.

Also, when it comes to smoking our personal preferences reflect our personalities. Normal cigarettes leave not much space for personal statements, since the tastes they offer are commonly similar. But the story can take an unexpected turn, talking of vaping. Choosing a certain kind of e-liquid on Terpy or other online shops might say something unexpected about you.

Tell me what you like, and I will tell you who you are.

E-Cigarettes and Personalization

In the last decades we witnessed a change in the way people perceive the products brand are tirelessly trying to sell. After many years under the sign of mass consumption, nowadays people are looking for a much more individual consumerism. On the one hand, we still feel our human need to follow trends and emulate our idols or people we admire. On the other hand, we want to have a personal touch on what we own.

Personalization in the last years has been democratized. If tailor made costumes and tuxedos were the maximum level of expression of tastes, today brands always have to offer some kind of personalization to stand out in the huge amount of goods available to consumers. When it comes to smoking, electronic cigarettes are a natural development of classic smoking, especially because they allow people more than normal cigarettes to express themselves through their choices.

Transcending from the advantages that e-cigarettes have on health over normal ones, they also have the plus of making it possible to show personal taste in a very simple way. In fact, in order to vape – meaning inhaling an electronic cigarette – e-liquids are used. Since there are so many flavours available on the market, there is a huge potential for making a statement though one’s own preferences.

The sweet Type

The reaction of our buds to certain kind of flavours is, of course, just one component of our personality. Basically, everything can tell something about people, from the way they dress, to what they eat and even how they comb their hair, but at the end a person is the sum of all these factors adding together.

That been said, there are many studies that connects some personalities traits with taste.

For example, some of them show that people who have a sweet tooth tend to be compassionate, friendly, and driven by emotions.

So, if you choose e-liquid tastes like Irish coffee, Cookies or Stracciatella, you tend to be perceived as an agreeable person who likes comforting others. The reasons why it is like that is not completely clear. One explanation could be the association between the idea of sweetness as a personal characteristic with the taste, but there could be several reasons to explain that.

If your sweet taste takes more the direction of fruity notes, choosing for example Peach jam or Red berry, that makes others perceive you also as chatty and as a generally extrovert person, who is open and likes fresh things.

The adventurous Type

We all have a friend that is extremely curious and always up when it comes to try something new. We may do not always share the same opinions and experiences, but we are happy to be around this friend, because she or he is the one who dares to try new foods, drinks or flavours before us, revealing how it feels like and sparing others the effort when it is not worth it.

The adventurous type is normally attracted by mysterious names and things that might sound a little bit eccentric for others. This personal taste defines someone who is not afraid to take some risks and has pleasure in something unexpected.

This is the same person that would go for spicy food at the Mexican stand. When it comes to vaping flavours, this person could like tasted like Forbidden fruit, Bluesky or Fruit chupito.

The traditional Type

If the adventurous type is fun, we also need that friend that has a firm grip on life, knows what she or he wants and is always a certainty.

Some people do no like to take risks when it comes to life, and also when it comes to taste. They know what they like and are not ready to give it away for a possible disappointment. If this friend has been a smoker for a long time and is accustomed to the typical tobacco taste of cigarettes, classic tastes like dark, classic or gold could be the most suitable choice when it comes to e-liquids.

Whatever taste reflects your personality in the best way, some flavours will surprise you. For example, did you know that you find one called Panettone?