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Why Aluminium is Important for Sustainability


Jan 24, 2022

Aluminium is the world’s most abundant metal and one of the most recyclable resources on the planet. It is particularly impressive as it does not lose any of its properties through recycling and can be infinitely recycled. It has countless applications and can be found in and out of the home; it’s in our kitchens, our cars, and contributing to big engineering projects such as space aircrafts. So, if you’re looking for a great metal for your next project, contact your local aluminium suppliers.

Recycling is important for the sustainability of the planet and therefore, any resource that can be recycled should be done so correctly. Aluminium is a material that highlights the importance of recycling and shows us how much money, time and energy could be saved to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Below are some facts about aluminium and its recyclability, uses and applications.

1)      Historically aluminium was difficult to extrude and meant it was once valued higher than gold. Napoleon III for example, set his table with aluminium cutlery for his most prominent guests.

2)      A lot of the world’s aluminium comes from China, however, if 1 million tons of aluminium were to be produced in Norway instead, it could save the environment an estimated 15million tonnes of C02 emissions.

3)      75% of the aluminium that has been made (ever) is still in use. This is because aluminium can be recycled over and over again.

4)      Used aluminium drinks cans are the most recycled metal product in the world.

5)      Since 2000, the consumption of aluminium has increased by more than 100%, wit5h demand still steadily rising. This makes aluminium the metal with the highest growth in demand in the world.

6)      Aluminium is often used instead of steel as it has similar strength but is a third of the weight. For this reason, aluminium is used across several industries such as automotive, engineering, and aerospace as it is lighter and produces less C02.

7)      Aluminium doesn’t rust, making it a great resource for building.

8)      A lot of the world’s tallest buildings are built with aluminium as it has similar strength to steel but is considerably lighter.

9)      Recycling aluminium only takes 5% of the energy needed to create it.

10)   About 125 billion aluminium cans are recycled each year

11)   If a roof were to be made of aluminium, it could reflect up to 95% of the solar energy it takes in, making the building exceptionally energy efficient.

12)   Aluminium can be recycled unlimited times.

13)   Apparently, recycling a single aluminium can will save enough energy to power a television for up to three hours – highlighting how much we can benefit from the simple act of recycling. This is especially worth bearing in mind since the vast majority of drinks cans in the UK are made from aluminium.

Aluminium Suppliers and Sustainability

Due to aluminium’s infinite recyclability and countless uses, it is one of the most used and most impressive resources on the planet. Aluminium suppliers make thousands of projects possible and keep our kitchens, cars and aircrafts working perfectly, and sustainably.

Recycling products such as aluminium has massive benefits for the planet:

  •         Less C02 emissions
  •         Less pressure on landfill sites
  •         Less pressure to find more resources
  •         Less toxins produced from wasting in landfill

Next time you’re thinking of throwing away any resource, metal, or material, consider aluminium’s recyclability and find the best method to recycle your product. It helps the planet and helps us live a more sustainable future.

For more information on recycling and how much is recycled each year and an up to date count of all things recycled, head to theworldcounts.com

Alternatively, if you’re keen to know the number of cans recycled, head to this link https://www.theworldcounts.com/challenges/consumption/foods-and-beverages/advantages-of-recycling-aluminium/story

When this blog was written the number was 3,232,835!

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