Electronic sports or eSports competitions have become an important part of the gaming industry. Some might think of video games as nothing but a form of entertainment. But others have found ways to monetize their passion for gaming through live streams and tournaments.

The eSports industry has grown tremendously over the past couple of years together with quality gaming gears such as a premium gaming laptop to boost speed and performance during gameplay.  Nearly 1.5 billion people are involved, either watching or playing sports. The primary audience consists of students and young individuals who share a passion for gaming.

With that said, here are several reasons why including eSports in education could leave a positive impact.

#1 eSports Are an Important Part of Students’ Lives

eSports is a huge trend all over the world. It has become more than a hobby to thousands of students across the United States. Popular games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends require consistent practice and hard work. Students who seriously invest time into shaping their gaming skills can eventually drift away from their school-related responsibilities.

By embracing eSports, schools could encourage students to work on their special interests and talents through extracurricular activities. It would allow them to stay involved in the studies. There is no reason why students who excel at eSports should be looked at any differently than those who are masters of chess or gifted musicians.

#2 The Trend Has Caught On

eSports have quickly become a part of college athletics in the United States. All thanks to the formation of NACE – the National Association of College eSports. NACE provides rules and regulations for eSports teams and competitions in US colleges. A total of 96 universities are a part of the Association, and they all have their eSports teams that take part in popular tournaments.

The rise in popularity of eSports has also led to new opportunities for students. Back in 2014, the Robert Morris University in Illinois was the first to sponsor a group of students with a scholarship because of their talent and participation in the school’s League of Legends team. Today, it is common for students to apply and be accepted for scholarships thanks to their unique gaming talents.

#3 Schools Can Provide Structure

The eSports trend is going to grow whether or not schools decide to embrace it. Students will still spend equal amounts of time gaming in their dorm rooms. We can also expect certain startups to appear with the goal of sponsoring the most talented players. This could lead students in a different direction and encourage them to leave their studies behind.

By providing a structure and including eSports in college activities, schools can prevent students from looking for support elsewhere. Teachers can take part in eSports, talking about the importance of focus and hard work. But they should also point out the aspect of security.

Many tend to forget that online gaming brings along various security threats that can lead to serious consequences. With a proper VPN downloaded, schools can protect their eSports team members and their devices from cybersecurity attacks.

#4 eSports Are Still a Sport

Some people still argue against eSports being a real sport. The truth is that gaming requires the same amount of practice, hard work, and time investment as many other sports. For instance, it shouldn’t be any different than chess, which is also a type of sport with limited movement.

But, much like chess, gaming requires strategic thinking and even additional skills such as hand-eye coordination and reflexes. eSports are definitely worth to be considered a modern sport, just different than what we are used to.

More Opportunities for Better Achievements

If you haven’t looked more deeply into the whole idea of eSports, it is easy to fall into that group of people who argue against this activity. eSports are often considered a waste of time for students. But if you look at it from a different perspective, this activity can open up numerous opportunities for the youth.

Colleges are providing scholarships for eSports involvement. This way, students can get into better colleges by doing something they love and have a passion for. But besides embracing the trend and allowing students to express themselves in a way they truly desire to, schools should also keep online security in mind. With online gaming platforms being a common cybercriminals’ target, it is important to invest time and budget into proper security through VPN and other security measures.