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Yorkshire Horse Racing Fixtures Today

Yorkshire is renowned for its deep historical ties to horse racing, a tradition that pulses through the region’s veins. Today, Yorkshire hosts several prestigious racecourses, each offering a unique racing experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. This article will guide you through today’s fixtures, providing you with all the essential details to enjoy a day of exhilarating horse racing.

Yorkshire’s Premier Racecourses

York Racecourse

York Racecourse, known as the Ascot of the North, stands out with its rich heritage and a calendar packed with high-stakes races. It combines old-world charm with modern facilities, offering a premier racing experience.

Doncaster Racecourse

Home to the famous St. Leger Stakes, Doncaster is one of the oldest and largest racecourses in England. Its fixtures are a staple in the British horse racing calendar, attracting spectators from all over.

Ripon Racecourse

Often referred to as the Garden Racecourse, Ripon offers a more intimate racing experience. Its picturesque settings and friendly atmosphere make it a favorite among families.

Thirsk Racecourse

Thirsk exudes charm and character, known for its summer races and relaxed vibe. This course offers a blend of competitive racing and leisure, perfect for a casual day out.

Beverley Racecourse

Nestled in the stunning countryside, Beverley Racecourse is famous for its laid-back feel and scenic views. It’s ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Catterick Racecourse

Catterick bridges the gap between old-school charm and contemporary racing, offering fixtures throughout the year. It’s known for its friendly atmosphere and accessibility.

Redcar Racecourse

Redcar is celebrated for its seafront location and vibrant race day atmosphere. It’s a perfect spot for summer racing with a view.

Pontefract Racecourse

With one of the longest continuous circuits in Europe, Pontefract offers a unique challenge for competitors and a thrilling experience for spectators.

Today’s Racing Fixtures in Yorkshire

Today, Yorkshire’s racecourses offer a variety of fixtures, promising exciting competition and entertainment. Here’s what you can expect:

Morning Fixtures:

Afternoon Delights:

Evening Events:

What to Expect at Today’s Races

The Competitive Edge

Today’s races across Yorkshire feature a mix of flat and jump racing, showcasing both seasoned champions and rising stars.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

Fashion and Etiquette

Racing in Yorkshire holds a tradition of fashion; however, dress codes vary by course and event type. Check in advance to ensure appropriate attire.

Dining and Entertainment

Most Yorkshire racecourses offer a range of dining options, from casual snacks to fine dining. Live entertainment is also common, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Why Yorkshire’s Horse Racing Today Is Unmissable

Attending today’s races in Yorkshire offers more than just the thrill of horse racing; it’s a chance to partake in a storied tradition that celebrates both sport and culture. Whether you’re a serious punter or looking for a day of fun, Yorkshire’s racecourses promise an unforgettable experience.


What time do the races start today in Yorkshire? The first races usually start around 11:00 AM, but it’s best to check the specific racecourse schedule for exact times.

Can I bet on races at the racecourse? Yes, there are multiple betting options available at the racecourses, including onsite bookmakers and electronic betting terminals.

Is there a dress code for attending the races? Dress codes vary by racecourse and the type of event. It’s advisable to check the racecourse’s official website for specific guidelines.

Are children allowed at the racecourses? Yes, most Yorkshire racecourses are family-friendly and offer specific activities and areas for children.

How can I get to the racecourses? Yorkshire’s racecourses are well-connected by public transport. There are also ample parking facilities for those who prefer to drive.

What facilities are available for disabled visitors? Most racecourses have dedicated facilities and viewing areas for disabled visitors to ensure everyone can enjoy the day.


Yorkshire’s horse racing fixtures today offer an exciting blend of history, sport, and entertainment. Whether you’re there for the thrill of the race, the elegance of the fashion, or the joy of a day out, Yorkshire’s racecourses provide an unparalleled racing experience.

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