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You’re most likely to receive Ferrero Rocher chocolates this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and searches for gifts are on the rise. Although it can be hard to know what to buy, and searches for ‘cheap valentines gifts’ and ‘what do I get my boyfriend for valentines day’ are up over 100% in the past day according to Google trends, certain gifts like roses and chocolates are the go-to for most couples.

Interested in uncovering the chocolates Brits will be buying each other this year, experts at delved into this year’s selection to find out which are most popular.

The most popular Valentine’s Day chocolates for 2022


Most popular chocolate

Total page visits through organic searches


Ferrero Rocher

24 Pieces Boxed Chocolates 300g




Large Milk Chocolate Bar 360g




Roses 290g




Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells 250g



Green & Blacks

Tasting Collection 395g




Dairy Box Classic Milk Chocolate Box 326g



Lily O’Brien’s

Desserts Collection 230g



Tony’s Chocolonely

Milk Chocolate Bar 180g




Classic Collection 262g




Lindor Strawberry & Cream Truffles 200g

1,485 can reveal that you’re most likely to receive Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year. In total, Brits have looked at Ferrero Rocher chocolates 11,716 times this month through organic searches, and the brand’s most popular treat is their classic 24 Pieces Boxed Chocolates.

The second most likely to be opened on the 14th of February is Toblerone chocolates. With over 8,000 organic page visits in January alone, Brits are most likely to be presented with the Large Milk Chocolate Bar.

Finishing up the top three is the classic Cadbury chocolate with over 6,000 organic visits. Perhaps an unconventional take on the classic red rose, the most popular Cadbury’s chocolates are a selection bag of Cadbury Roses.

Surprisingly, in tenth place is Lindt chocolate – the least popular brand analysed – with just under 1,500 organic page visits in total. The most popular Lindt chocolates are Lindor Strawberries & Cream Truffles, bringing a romantic hue to this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, comments on the findings:

Buying presents around certain holidays and festive periods can sometimes be a financial strain, but small gifts such as chocolates and flowers can go a long way. As we can see from our findings, Brits aren’t all shopping for the biggest and the best, but rather cult favourites that are almost always guaranteed to go down a treat.

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