Today a sizeable chunk of business across the world is done online. Whenever we talk about online businesses, there are a few important points that we need to bear in mind. First and foremost, even the smallest of online business entities should have a website of their own. Having a quality website is just one part of the story. If it is an ecommerce portal where there is customer interaction and where buying and selling happens, then the website must be secured and be safe in all aspects. In spite of the best of technologies being in place, there is no doubt that hackers and other cyber criminals are always lurking behind the scenes. The threat of hacking of websites is no longer just an empty threat but extremely real and something which is of serious concern to the entire internet community. It is therefore extremely important to find out ways and means by which this problem can be addressed. While building firewalls and other security features is important, a special thanks to Websites That Sell, who have provided 4 simple and easy steps which could go a long way in protecting websites from the threat of hacking. The steps that are being discussed hereunder are not just out of the blue. They have been researched well and have been implemented, tested and tried.