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5 Common Mistakes Ecommerce Website Owners Make & How To Prevent Them


Feb 23, 2023

Many website owners face certain difficulties. They may make mistakes that make their business a failure. Having studied the opinions of experts, we can conclude that every owner of an Internet portal has fears and does not know how to fix the difficulties. The success of a virtual platform depends on many factors, and you can stumble on one of them. It may be the wrong design or a misunderstanding of the needs of your audience. Let’s take a closer look at what mistakes Internet business owners most often make.

5 Marketplace Mistakes you Need to Avoid

Business should always be under your control. If you miss any points, they will affect your income. You can not think that the finished product is on the market and it should be profitable in any case. Any offer must be relevant so that people want to take advantage of it. And there will always be mistakes. It is important to learn how to avoid them so as not to harm your marketplace.

  • Failure to Know your Target Audience

You need to conduct a careful analysis of your audience of customers. It’s not just about getting their opinion on your product; it’s about age groups, gender, and so on. What a teenager wants may not be necessary for people over 50. Here we want to recall a phrase that is very relevant in this context – “if you are trying to sell to everyone, you will not sell to anyone.” It is best to study not only the audience to which you plan to offer the product, study also the competitors. To find out the requirements and wishes of people, it is best to conduct surveys and study their results.

  • Poor-quality Product Pages

Product pages are an important component of your business. A low-quality page repels the buyer, a high-quality one encourages him to buy. It’s not just the background color or picture, the product page should have a description of the product, its characteristics, reviews from real customers, convenient order buttons, fast loading, no annoying pop-ups, and so on. You can send pop-up windows to the main page, for example, with an offer to learn about discounts or contact a manager. Also think about the content, don’t duplicate it from other resources. Make it unique on your own.

  • Neglect of Safety Rules

This is the second point from the main problems with the marketplace. Perhaps your web resource is located on a safe site and it seems to you that you will not have problems with various virtual threats. Are you ready to take the risk? The most popular marketplace threat is Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. You can not only lose the trust of customers but also their personal data. You saw crazy traffic and thought that now your business will be better. But this is a popular misconception because you have been the victim of a cyberattack. Protect yourself from spammers who create fake accounts (for example, with Google’s Recaptcha).

  • Incorrect UX Design

It is important to say that design is more than half of the success in increasing online sales. Does your site have a pleasing color scheme? Does it have many useful sections and buttons? It should be convenient for users to use your interface, pages should not load more than 3 seconds, otherwise you will lose the attention of the client and he will leave. If the site navigation is OK, then make sure you have an “add to cart” button and a simple checkout and delivery form. Use internal links to navigate between pages of the site; this is convenient for users if your store has a lot of products and their subcategories. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that your marketplace should have more payment options, bright banners with discounts and cool offers, and adaptation for the mobile version.

  • Don’t forget about your business

It will seem strange to you, but many owners forget about their business because they think that the process has begun, the products are being sold, the visitors are coming, there is a profit and this is the main thing. But your business should be regularly monitored and adjusted. Half of the buyers are willing to pay more but buy goods where they like. Build a trusting relationship with them, communicate, learn their opinions and wishes. 

Read these points to avoid making such mistakes. Be attentive to your business and adjust every element of it. Everything matters: content, design, people’s opinions, security, page load times, and so on. You can follow this on your own or hire someone to keep your business active.

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