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5 great reasons for considering clamshell packaging today

As a manufacturing business, you are inclined to provide the ideal form of packaging for your products. Your packaging not only needs to meet the standard quality but also satisfy the expectations of your target market. It however goes without saying that businesses waste a lot of time and money trying to find the right packaging with options like corrugated boxes, cardboards, and even clamshell containers. You will note that clamshell packaging has risen in popularity over the past few years making it an ideal option for consideration. Discussed in this guide are some of the few reasons why most packaging businesses today consider resorting to this top-quality material. 

Protect contents in the package 

There are a lot of threats that you must protect your products from including moisture, mold, solvents, and even extreme temperatures. You must as such choose the right packaging material for the packaging of the same. Plastic has proven to be a reasonable option for use as it is resistant to most of the damages that your products might experience when in transit. Most plastic options are furthermore plastic resistant meaning they can safeguard your products against commotion and minor accidents like fall offs from the shelf. 

Safe from damage and tampering 

How safe are the contents of the packaging during transit and on the shelves of the distributors? Corrugated card boxes could be cheaper however could easily get damaged in damp conditions and are highly susceptible to other forms of tampering. You need a reliable form of packaging that augments the safety of the contents packed from damage or manipulation by those transporting it. Plastic clamshell options allow you to enjoy this benefit as it is less costly however provide the best protection to the items that you are transporting. 

Cost management purposes

In anything a company does, budgeting has to be prioritized and this includes making packaging plans. There are obviously a number of cheaper options to check out but think of the safety of your products in the content and whether the form of packaging you choose will fit your customer expectation in terms of branding. Cost is highly reduced by the plastic clamshell options as they are lightweight to transport and tend to be much cheaper in production when compared to other substitute options. The packaging is also sturdy and strong to give the right protection for your commodities, reducing any possibilities of damage during transit. 

Versatile design 

Thermoforming technology allows clamshell manufacturers to work with a wide range of sizes as demanded by different manufacturing clients in the market. You only have to choose from the wide range of designs that clamshell packaging options are availed in. Put some research into the trending designs to consider with options like tri-fold clamshell gaining popularity because of their stability on the shelf. The wide range of designs has made it easy for multiple manufacturers to each find a solution to their packaging problems. 

Improved shelf perspective 

You need to not just outdo your competition but also meet your customer demands when packaging your products for sale. Your choice of the packaging must as such attract the eye of the customer besides offering protection to the contents stored inside for durability. The plastic clamshell packaging option comes in handy for packaging the items safely and also allowing the potential buyer to see the contents stored inside. It is assumed that seeing the contents of the shelf makes it even easier for one to make up their mind on whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

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