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Actual Worth of Siddharth Mahajan’s real estate 

Siddharth Mahajan Net Worth

Siddharth Mahajan, a noteworthy name in the hospitality and real estate sector is a young entrepreneur, who has broken into the big league within 10 years of entering into the field. His passion for quality service, his skills, talent, and a natural business flair has contributed a lion’s share towards his success. Though multiple allegations have been placed on him for forgery and what-not, Siddharth Mahajan continues to fight the good fight, in order to clear his name of all the accusations. 


Siddharth was an ambitious and clear-headed man from the beginning. He studied his Bachelor’s degree in hotel management from the Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala. He was then placed with the Oberoi Rajvilas property in Jaipur, where he worked for three years since 2001. It is there where he learned the ropes of the business and of the industry. 

Having spent three years in Oberoi’s hotel, he moved to London, looking for better opportunities, that would help him climb up the ladder of an ambitious career. In 2004, he was chosen to work at a reputed hotel as an assistant manager. His stint in the hotel earned him a good name and feedback from his clientele. His skills and experience grew multifold in the 4.5 years he worked in that hotel. However, his thirst to start and run his own business lied dormant in his consciousness. One fine day, it found an opportunity to materialize and that was when Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd was born. 

Mahajan’s Brainchild 

It was during a stint in the hotel in London that he conceived his own idea of providing shelter for frequent travelers looking for a quality stay. He often received queries from business executives and students looking for good stay options, which were not hotels. They were looking for an experience close to what their own homes would give them. Siddharth Mahajan took these queries seriously and identified a gap in the industry and set out to fill that gap/ His plan was simple — Let outhouses on rent to multiple people, each occupying a single room inside the house. He experimented with the idea of his own properties. He converted them into House in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and let them out on rent to executives and students. These rooms were fully equipped with electricity, internet connections, furnishing, and what-not. Success soon followed him and his business grew rapidly. As on date, Siddhartha runs 57 properties of which seven is in his own name and 47 are registered under the name of Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. As with any other business owner, Siddharth Mahajan real estate worth also grew along with his business, with his net worth touching enviable figures within nine years of starting the business. 

Goodwill and skyrocketing fortunes 

In nine years’ time, Siddharth Mahajan real estate worth skyrocketed to the moon due to the hard work he put into the business. He had built a strong foundation for his business using his own skill and flair for entrepreneurship in London, which earned him goodwill. The goodwill came from the quality of service that the guests enjoyed in his property and the facilities he gave them during their course of stay. 

In order to support a growing clientele who were in search of good places to stay, Siddharth started leasing out properties in different parts of the United Kingdom and offer a wider range of accommodation options to his customers. This led to him starting Tulip Real Estate, a Group of Companies based in the United Kingdom. Tulip Homes managed a diverse portfolio of assets across the country in its key business locations. It also started partnering with globally popular brands to deliver the best of experiences to its guests thereby guaranteeing self-growth too.

Siddharth Mahajan real estate worth 

Siddharth, who was the force behind the monumental success of Tulip as a brand that would be relied on by guests from around the world, enjoyed the fruits of his labor and eternal hard work. Siddharth Mahajan Net worth is now valued at around 44 million British Pounds and his net worth is around 14 million British Pounds. To earn such fortune at a very young age is nothing easy and Siddharth’s determination and hard work will bear witness to his riches. 

Tulip Homes and legal tussles 

With great repute comes its own share of legal hassles. Siddharth Mahajan was not spared either. Three of his properties in London were flagged for being illegal and lacking licenses. However, Siddharth being an ethical businessman to boot is fighting the cases in a court of law. In fact, one of the three properties embroiled in legal trouble has been issued a clean chit by the authorities and Siddharth is confident that the remaining two will also follow suit. 

In fact, his being disallowed to discuss the case in media by his lawyer acted detrimentally to his reputation, which he had painstakingly earned over the course of time. However, Siddharth who is a natural fighter occupied himself with journalism courses and taught math classes to keep his mind occupied and sharp so that he can distract himself from all the negativity around. His focus has remained razor-sharp all along, and his vision for the world has only gotten better in the face of adversity. 

Tulip Homes, today, offers not just serviced apartments but also hotel accommodation for those in search of it. It also provides construction services and refurbishment of houses, thus providing a varied range of options for those looking for housing. These services are a part of Siddharth Mahajan’s vision of being an umbrella service-provider in the housing sector, whom people can depend on for value-based investment. 

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