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Analox hit the road again in their latest well-being challenge

Stokesley Strollers - North East ConnectedThe Analox team have set off on their next journey in the second well-being initiative of the year.

Seven teams took part in the previous challenge called ‘To Infinity and back again’, which encouraged them to collectively cover a distance of 370km, as it is the distance from Earth to the International Space Station.

Stokesley Strollers were the first to reach the target and they were all awarded an activity bracelet for their efforts.

Due to the overwhelming response to continue with a new step challenge, we’ve decided to make it even tougher this time round, as teams will have to cover distances to different locations around the world.

The new challenge sees teams travelling from Stokesley to Stockholm, then on to Aberdeen, then Florence, over to Erzurum, then Qudtshoorn, finishing in Xixona in Spain.

The distances are as follows –

  • Stockholm – 1286km
  • Aberdeen – 1200km
  • Florence – 1757km
  • Ezurum (Italy) – 2510km
  • Oudtshoorn (South Africa) – 8414km
  • Xixona (Spain) – 8366km

The reason these countries were chosen is because when you put together the first letter of each of them it spells out Safe-Ox, which is one of our products.

The challenge works in a similar way to the Tour de France, as each distance is classed as a stage, e.g. Stokesley to Stockholm or Florence to Ezurum.

There are seven teams of seven or eight people taking part in this challenge, and the winning team for each stage will be awarded a prize.

All of the teams will accrue points depending on where they place at each stage, with 1st place receiving five points, and 7th place losing three points.

The points are totalled up throughout the challenge and prizes will also be given at the end depending on where teams finish.

Julie Cole, HR Manager for Analox said: “The desire to take part in a new challenge has been very encouraging and over 50 people have registered to get involved. We were very impressed with the effort shown by everyone in the first challenge, however we have made this one a lot harder to complete. The NHS recommends we should all be walking around 10,000 steps a day, so hopefully this challenge will encourage individuals to increase their step count and achieve this target. I wish all the teams the very best of luck and I look forward to seeing how everyone performs.”

We’ll be providing monthly updates on how the teams are doing on social media.
You can follow our journey using the hashtag #analoxinfinity.

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