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Another Year, Another Exhibition for Urban Photographer

The Lyle O Reitzel Contemporary Art Gallery in New York has become a home from home for Hartlepool’s urban photographer, Lucinda Grange.

A solo show, ‘Without Permission’ was how she finished 2018 and this weekend will see the opening of her ‘City Cross-Section’ exhibition at the contemporary art gallery, a look at on-going project by Lucinda which takes people on a global tour of the intricacies of our underworld, taking herself and those close to her, to the undiscovered and undocumented or what lies, literally, beneath the surface.

A juxtaposition of environments that surrounds mankind on a daily basis her keen eye takes us where we never dreamed we’d see, or feel even the power of her being that strong.

“It’s an honour to be working again with the Lyle O Reitzel Gallery,” began  Lucinda, the 2019 NE Online Magazine Artist of the Year.

“I’m showing in the New York branch of this international gallery, a fine art institution which was founded in the Dominican Republic by rock star Lyle O Reitzel himself!”

Featuring a collection of her works over the past decade including ‘Last One Standing’ and ‘Summit’, ‘Defy and Define the Darkness’ and ‘The Blues’ among others, Lucinda’s is a collection of some envy.

Traveling the world over, Lucinda has scaled the highest buildings, plumbed the deepest depths, and has been published everywhere from The Independent to the New York Post.

She works to the belief that a person is defined by actions and choices, they therefore being defined by the environments they choose to put themselves in.

“This project has been a love and passion of mine for ten years,” continued Lucinda.

“It’s exciting to finally see it pull together and up on the walls of this amazing gallery.

“Together we’re sharing what’s directly below our feet in New York City and others around the globe.”

The exhibition takes place at the Lyle O Reitzel Contemporary Art Gallery, 139 Eldridge Street, New York from Thursday and is a mixed collection of photographs and collages from different eras of Grange’s pathway through her art.

Visit Lucinda Grange website http://www.lucindagrange.com/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lucindagrangestudio/ whilst the Art Gallery website can be seen via http://lyleoreitzel.com/