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Award-winning entrepreneur launches service to ‘revolutionise’ postage in the UK


A LEADING North East entrepreneur has launched a new service he believes could “revolutionise” the way parcels are sent and delivered.

Award-winning Rez Gachcar, who enjoyed global success with his pioneering pet product Mud Daddy, has now turned his sights to the booming e-commerce sector which is currently worth around £200bn-a-year in the UK.

The new service, Go NokNok, features a smart storage space capable of securely storing multiple packages and parcels on the side of your property.

With around £2bn worth of packages and parcels stolen each year in the UK, the container includes a camera for added security while users can operate the system remotely via an app.

Initially being launched across the North East before a planned national roll-out, there was a waiting list for Go NokNok before it entered the market – and the feedback so far has been “sensational”.

“We tested Go NokNok at homes around the region, and people were blown away by how safe, easy and useful they found it,” said the Newcastle-based entrepreneur.

“Our users love the discreet design that means it can fold down onto the side of their property if it isn’t in use, and the e-commerce traders who trialled it were staggered by just how many packages they could safely store inside.

“For e-commerce businesses who have tried Go NokNok already, the feedback that we’ve had is that this is going to revolutionise the industry.

“It means no more trips to the post office or delivery depot with a car stuffed with packages – this effectively puts the post office on the side of your home.”

In the first 12 months, Rez hopes to attract at least 1,000 sign-ups to the subscription service.

And the box itself – which is worth £199 – will initially be given away for free to early subscribers.

The service was created after Rez spotted a gap in the e-commerce market for a product that “removed the middle man”.

“I realised that people are having to make all of these journeys to the post office or the Amazon locker for parcels, while at the same time, millions of packages a year are going missing because they are dumped in a bin or by the side of a property – with nowhere secure to store them,” added the entrepreneur.

“This is the perfect solution to those problems.

“If you are an Etsy trader, you can safely leave the packages your business is sending out that day for collection. If you are selling some unwanted items on Vinted, then this is perfect as it means no more annoying journeys to your nearest depot.

“It can free up so much precious time for those who send a lot of packages, as well as petrol – meaning it also helps the environment.

“And even for families, it is the perfect way to ensure all the presents you order on Amazon arrive safely this Christmas.”

It is just the latest brainwave from Rez following the international success of Mud Daddy, a portable pet washing device that has to date sold 1.1M units worldwide.

Last year, the product helped him become the North East’s first ever winner of The Spectator’s Innovator of the Year award.

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