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From 1 March 2017, garden waste collections are changing as part of Ryedale District Council’s efforts to improve services and make the most of every taxpayers’ pound.

These changes will enable the Council to continue to run an efficient and sustainable service, which helps to minimise costs for everyone, whilst maintaining the overall standard of the service.

Not everyone is affected.  Letters are being sent directly to everyone who subscribes to the service.  The changes mean that some people will need to leave out their brown bin on a different day or  week to their recycling collection. For some residents, this could mean that their garden waste bin is emptied on the same week as their refuse bin.

Subscribers to the service are  asked to look out for their letter to ensure they don’t miss out on any collections.  Information is also available on www.ryedale.gov.uk, including an easy-to-use postcode search plus handy downloadable calendars to help you remember when to put your brown  bin out for collection.

Other household waste collections are not affected by  changes to the garden waste service.

These changes are being introduced as part of the Council’s wider efficiency  programme to improve services and save £1.4 million by 2020.

“The changes to the brown bin collections are necessary to ensure the garden waste collection rounds are sustainable and operate as efficiently as possible” explained Beckie Bennett, Frontline Services Lead for the Council.   

“We absolutely recognise that for some residents this will mean their garden waste is collected on a different day or week to their other recycling.  Residents are encouraged to look on line at www.ryedale.gov.uk/residents/bins-and-recycling/find-your-bin-collection-day-map-lookup.html to see how the changes affect them – with everyone’s help, we expect the transition to the new collection days to run smoothly.”