Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.31.14Leading North East PR consultancy MHW has established a three-year partnership with nationally renowned Live Theatre.

The announcement cements a creative relationship that has existed between the two Newcastle-based organisations for around 10 years.

Live Theatre is recognised nationally and internationally as one of the top new writing producing theatres and one that is demonstrating future thinking in new models of business sustainability and growth for arts organisations.

Wayne Halton, director at MHW PR, said: “We’re long-time supporters of Live Theatre and the original and dynamic writing they nurture and promote both on stage but also within the local community.

“Writing and original content generation across different media are matters of great interest as they’re also core to what we do on a regular basis at MHW.

“While we don’t pretend to be as creative and bold as writers at Live Theatre, there are some common approaches and disciplines to what we each do. Clear, engaging communication is as important on stage as it is in our work.”

Live Theatre is no ordinary theatre. As a writing, performance and educational centre it is unique in the North East, an important part of the rich culture that brings colour and personality to the region.

Wayne added: “We love being associated with something so unusual, that’s original, inspiring and utterly engaging. Our staff and clients are always thrilled by the powerful and intimate stage performances. We’re delighted to be part of something so culturally dynamic.”

Jim Beirne, chief executive of Live Theatre, said:

“It is always a real pleasure working MHW, they are a highly creative company and their support and advice over the years is highly valued by Live Theatre.”

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