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Darlington Fintech firm joins elite group to develop AI apps with Amazon

An innovative Fintech business has won the go-ahead to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its apps using the next generation technology platform, Amazon Lex.

Darlington-based MyFirmsApp, which makes custom app platforms for accountants and has over 750 clients, has joined an elite group of organisations who are set to encompass AI into its web, mobile and connected-device apps, using the technology that powers Amazon’s Alexa.

MyFirmsApp’s pioneering development team will use Amazon Lex to deliver a more interactive experience for accountants and their clients through the company’s apps. The advanced technology will enable accountants to create a more conversational user experience in the rapidly growing segment of Internet of Things (IOT).

The global Fintech Company, whose technology has been successfully rolled out into Australia, South Africa, the US and Ireland, will be trialling Amazon Lex’s speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities. The firm will have the potential to build an entirely new generation of apps that have human-like intelligence and can see, hear, speak, understand and interact with the world around them.

CEO Joel Oliver believes the potential to create bots on mobile devices with an integrated voice or text chat interface, can assist accountants with basic tasks and will help them become more productive and transform how they respond to their customers’ requests.

He said: “AI is an exciting prospect for accountants as it will effectively add another member to the team that is available 24/7 to answer multiple questions and carry out simple tasks. This ‘virtual’ member of staff will help the accountant retain trusted advisor status by being available at all times.”

MyFirmsApp provides accountancy firms with custom Apps featuring accounting information, tax calculators, marketing tools and real time data collection – as well as providing a 24/7 point of contact for customers.

For more information on MyFirmsApp, which is endorsed by a number of industry bodies and networks, including, ICPA, ICAEW and 2020, visit

Twitter: @MyFirmsApp

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