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Discover Middlesbrough with Online Rights of Way Map

middlesbrough-moving-forwardMIDDLESBROUGH’S hidden corners are coming a step closer thanks to a new online tool for walkers and explorers.

From this week, all currently registered public rights of way across the town can be found via a new online information system.

The new Countryside Access Management System (CAMS Web) will be available via the Middlesbrough Council website and features an interactive map and reporting system.

The CAMS Web is an informative online resource with a wealth of features such including an interactive map, fault reporting and monitoring.

The system also allows the Council to coordinate volunteer rangers and external contractors, assigning maintenance work to keep the network clean and usable.

Middlesbrough Council’s Public Rights of Way Officer Stewart Williams said: “Public Rights of Way are an ancient part of British culture which ensures we have free access to large parts of both the countryside and urban areas – but they can only be taken advantage of if people know about them.

“Middlesbrough has its own undiscovered side, so this new system is designed to further increase awareness and availability of the walking network in and around the town and to enable the public to access information easily.

“It allows members of the public to identify all currently recorded rights of way and also to report any issues directly into the rights of way database which will ensure a fast response to issues raised and provide automatic updates. 

“The testing stage is now complete and now it’s time to encourage people to use the interactive map and explore Middlesbrough.”

To access the system, register and create a personal profile, visit rightsofway.middlesbrough.gov.uk

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