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Durham Veterans and Volunteers Honor the Memory of Those Who Served


Jun 2, 2017

This cultural practice to honor the fallen soldiers started way back in 1868. However, the original mission was to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Civil War. After about a century of those commemorations, in 1971, it became known as the holiday. It honors all the servicemen and women who lost their lives in the Civil War, Korean War, World War I and II. The plot where all these veterans are laid to rest is known as the Maplewood Cemetery, which is located in Durban. Family members, volunteers and other veterans of war came in large numbers to pay tribute and honor to their loved ones who gave their lives to the war. Just as gamers sign up with Mr Green casino UK site and are given access to the wide collection of casino games online. One would be interested in the different activities, which took place during the holiday to honor the fallen veterans. They include:

Planting of the flags

It is a tradition that has been there for decades. Since the fallen veterans were fighting for their country, it was only fair that they get the respect they deserve. Family members, veterans and volunteers showed up in large numbers to plant flags at the flat stones, below which the veterans were laid to rest. Roughly 600 flags were planted to showcase the brevity, honor and respect of their fallen heroes and loved ones.

Memorial Day

One of the veterans, Don Murray was present and insisted on how important it was to be part of the historical day. He urged all in attendance to keep the tradition alive as it was a great way to appreciate the efforts of those who lost their lives for their families and country. Although there are those who know nothing about the eventful day, it was the role of those who were in attendance to honor the special day. The Memorial Day was one way to remember and honor those soldiers.


A ceremony was held on Monday after the Memorial Day, which was on Sunday. The veterans came together in might to observe and pay their respects to their fellow comrades who suffered the loss in the war. Even Union Soldiers were buried there and although some of their graves were not identifiable, they were still honored in the ceremony.

Fellowship and lunch

After the ceremony on Monday, they all went to fellowship together, and later lunch. It was all in the efforts of showing respect and honoring the veterans who served. Apart from the veterans who lost their lives, refugees and immigrants who died in the war were also honored. In the coming together of those who know what that day is all about, they were able to accomplish the objective of the day.

By Emily