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North East Connected

Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


ByDave Stopher

Jun 28, 2020

A new era of devastation has arrived in modern tank shooter Armored Warfare! The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path is now live, bringing a campaign that promises to give tank commanders their greatest battle to date. Following the defeat of the powerful and mysterious Enigma Corporation, victory celebrations have been cut short by the sudden eruption of a massive supervolcano! In this latest Battle Path, Commanders will have to rekindle old alliances and race to find shelter if they want to survive this global disaster.

Enigma’s Legacy sees players facing the eve of a ‘volcanic winter.’ They will have to fight to prove their strength, negotiate with former enemies to capture as many resources as possible, and obtain the coordinates of the fallen Enigma Corporation’s last shelter as the end of the world looms. The three-month event is packed with earnable rewards including gold, accelerators, premium time, unique camouflage and equipment and, top of the line Asian-manufactured tanks for commanders to collect and deploy in a new theatre of war!

The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path features:

New Asian Tanks and Equipment

The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path features an impressive number of high-end, Asian-manufactured tanks and armored fighting vehicles for Commanders to unlock, customize, and deploy:

  • Type 74: A testament to Japanese design and ingenuity, the Type 74 provides good firepower and mobility, making it the perfect entry level addition to the Enigma’s Legacy campaign.
  • Seon’gun – 915 MBT: Unlocked at Level 10, this North Korean powerhouse is a practical, universal MBT with adequate armor and good mobility that will get players where they need to be, and strike the most effective blows on the battlefield.
  • SBS Pindad: Unlocked at level 30, this Indonesian medium-range fire support vehicle that will require very careful gameplay and planning. In certain situations, it has the potential to be absolutely brutal, but playing it in the ‘traditional’ AFV manner, or even rushing to meet the enemy head on, will lead to its quick demise.
  • Type 10 Hitomaru: Unlocked at level 40, this tank is suitable for skilled players who enjoy aggressive, fast gameplay and strive to quickly achieve battlefield dominance. As matches drag on the vehicle will lose its protection, but skilled players who can effectively balance risk and situational awareness will be able to deliver devastating punches with this little devil.
  • Hunter AFV: A pinnacle of bleeding edge technology with good protection and excellent firepower, this tank is equipped with NERA (Non-Explosive Reactive Armor) type armor, with its extra layer of spaced armor offering superior protection. Its Bushmaster Mk. 44 autocannon fires 500 rounds per minute, and it also has a dual rocket launcher.

Exclusive Skins, Decals, Avatars, and More Rewards!

Alongside new Premium vehicles, players can unlock even more Battle Path rewards like Battle Coin boosters, gold, accelerators, and Enigma’s Legacy exclusive camouflages, decals, and avatars to help players’ armories evolve into massive tank battalions.

New Upgrades Available

The Workshop is making a comeback, allowing players to further improve their prize vehicles by completing Battle Path missions and challenges. The Workshop can also be used to upgrade older vehicles from the Last Patriot Battle Path.