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Expert Advice on Keeping Your Van Burglar-Proof

Automotive safety expert and Director of Vanzone, Daniel Sumpter, offers the best advice in keeping your van and belongings safe from potential theft.

Daniel says:

“So many tradespeople rely on their vans and equipment to provide for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, burglars are all too aware of the value of vans and what may be inside them, making them a popular target.

This is why anyone who owns a van must do everything they can in order to prevent burglary and theft, hopefully this advice can help do exactly that.”

Parking Safely

“Naturally, your van is most vulnerable when left unattended. It’s exactly at this point when a burglar sees the chance to act. So, we need to minimise that chance as much as possible.

Always try parking in a well-lit area even at night, as this will deter any approach to your van. Try parking up against at least one wall, especially from the back as this will increase the difficulty of breaking and entering. It’s also worth taking out any super valuable equipment overnight or each time you park up just to be safe.”

Old School Deterrents

“You don’t need to break the bank to stop people breaking into your van. Even some of the older methods of vehicle safety like steering wheel locks can help.

Visible deterrents like this can be off putting at the very least, so combining a couple can do a world of good. Pedal and gear locks are good options and if the burglar in question does get into your van, then they’ll be met with plenty of reasons to abort.”


“Most modern vans should come with alarms and immobiliser features as standard to further strengthen your defence. Combine them with a few additional touches like GPS tracking or slam locks and your van quickly becomes more hassle than it’s worth to thieves.

A mixture of both old and new methods is the best way to go about things, covering as many bases as possible. They may be a hassle to dismantle each time you want to use something, but the world of hassle it protects you against is no comparison.”


“It’s quite possible to customise your van to suit your needs and the kit that allows you to do your job. Many firms will offer aftermarket options to boost your security, such as integrating lockable and secret compartments. These can be great if you don’t want to lug some of your kit in and out of the van at the end of every day.”

Strengthen the Weak Spots

“A burglar may well see the chance to just smash a window and take whatever is inside the cabin of your van. The chances of this can also be reduced, firstly by making sure you don’t leave anything worth taking in the cabin.

But secondly, you can reinforce your windows with a protective film that holds the glass in place should it shatter. This is a very cost effective way of keeping unwanted people out and will draw plenty of unwanted attention to those that try”

If you have any more car or van tips on how to keep them safe, then get in touch with us over on our Twitter, or leave a comment below!