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Feeding On The Go

Created for parents that need an ultra-portable space-saving alternative to the bulky high chair, it’s the reversible Pocket Chair from Baby To Love. Suitable for toddlers that can sit up, aged 6-36 months, and up to 33 lbs. The three-point harness, belt and straps secures your little one onto the chair, without interfering with his or her free flow.

Other than regular feeding, the Pocket Chair also makes the perfect solution to any travel plans, dining at restaurants, reading books or doctors’ appointments. Easy to carry and use on-the-go, what’s more the Pocket Chair folds into itself like a sock to form a small travel bag, to fit snugly in your own bag.

Super parent-friendly and easy to use, installing the Baby To Love Pocket Chair only takes a matter seconds. Place its sleeve (pocket) onto an adult chair, securing its harness to the chair’s seat. Then to use, place your little one into the chair and connect the straps through 1 of the 3 waist band loop holes, to the chair’s back. Meanwhile the addition of 1 inch padding to the Pocket Chair’s back and bottom ensures your child is of extreme comfort while eating.

With it’s 2-in-1 reversible design you can easily make use both sides of this Pocket Chair, offering a different pattern of the same colour. Perfect for those super busy days when there’s not even time to put on a wash. The Pocket Chair comes in 4 different colour/pattern combinations including; denim, pink hearts, white stars and multi coloured lines.

For over 10 years Baby To Love have specialised in creation of original, innovative and trend led baby products, to provide a helpful hand throughout every moment of your baby’s life. Designed and developed in France Baby To Love are committed to the quality and safety of their products, to achieve only the best results.

The Portable Pocket Chair is available to buy online for £23.95 from BabyToLove.

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