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Forge Ahead in Old School RuneScape’s Latest Mini-Quest, Giant’s Foundry

ByDave Stopher

Jun 30, 2022 #Gaming, #kids

Gain access to a new method for training the Smithing skill and learn about the history of Gielinor’s Giants 

Wednesday 8th June 2022, Cambridge, UK – Launching today, Old School RuneScape’s Smithing skill is getting a brand new method of training as players venture into Giant’s Foundry. A new area has been revealed beneath the Giants Plateau where ancient knowledge concerning the nature of the Giants lies in wait. 

Rewriting the narrative that Gielinor’s Giant population are brutes and monsters, Giant’s Foundry will lay the groundwork for understanding Giant culture as players help Kovac the Giant restore a legendary forge and create colossal weapons using their Smithing skills.  

This update adds a more interactive and accessible method of developing mastery of Smithing in the early-game with means of creating more items than ever for mid-game players. Giant’s Foundry also arrives with new skilling boosts exclusive to the desert area.  

Once the mini-quest is complete, Kovac’s reward shop will be open for business. The Smiths’ Uniform will provide a powerful bonus to the development of the entire Smithing skill. Players will also gain access to the impressive and deadly Colossal Blade.  

As with all new content introduced to Old School RuneScape, this new feature must have the backing of 75% of the community. The addition of the Sleeping Giants mini-quest featured in this update received over 90% backing from the Old School RuneScape community.  

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