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Hosting a Summer ‘Get Together’

There is nothing better than spending time with friends and family having fun. However if you’re the host of a summer get together it might not be so enjoyable. Creating a good ‘Get Together’ can be tricky, as you must firstly try to settle on a date and once this is decided, the rest is left in your hands! Your main objective then is to please the crowd. 

Decorate the garden

It’s a good idea to invest in some garden furniture and decorative items. The garden gazebos from Garden Camping can keep the kids safe from the sun whilst playing games or be used to keep the food in the shade. There are many other cool things you can check out on their website to accommodate your get together and make your garden look amazing. The idea here is to be creative and give your guests a memorable experience!

Food to cater for all

You don’t want to plan anything too complex where you are not able to be a good host to your guests. If the weather is warm, cater for the occasion with a barbeque or picnic. Without going overboard, ensure you provide some variety, have enough for everybody and remember any dietary requirements. By being present while presenting a good spread, you will make your name as a great host!

Plan the day

Get togethers are as exactly that but if it is for a special occasion or if you have children present, you may want some activities planned. Be it a movie, paddling pool, garden games or other types of entertainment, all of these can be really exciting. The idea is to take your time beforehand and actively figure out what works for you and your guests. Albeit it may require a little more effort and cost, but it will make for enjoyable experiences on the day nonetheless.

Stock up the bar

For those who’s favourite tipple you are aware of, by stocking up on some of this you can be sure to be onto a winner. For those guests you don’t know so well, purchase a couple of classic spirits, some wine, prosecco, cider and beers – remember the mixers and some drinks for the children. Oh, and don’t forget to buy plenty of ice!

Keep on top of the mess

You want to clean up everything as and when you can, as the last thing you need is a load of mess. Also intermittently cleaning throughout the day will make things much easier when your guests have left. It can be tricky when your entertaining, but mingle with a bin bag your guests will only appreciate your efforts to keep the setting tidy.

Get the speakers going

Aside from that, music plays an important role. Prepare a playlist in advance with a mix of classics from over the years and some current rated hits and I’m sure everyone will be happy. Remember this is your summer get together too so try to make sure you have fun and it should turn out to be a great day. 

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