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How Are Live Casinos Different From Online Casinos?

ByDave Stopher

Mar 25, 2019

What is a live casino?

Live casino is a real-life casino webcast where players are able to enjoy the actual atmosphere of a regular casino through live streaming. With the rise in online casinos, many players started missing the genuine feel of a brick and mortar casino. To address this problem, the live casino was introduced. Live casinos introduced real-life dealer into the games who roll the dice or shuffle the cards just like in regular casinos to provide the players with an experience that is unlike any other online casino games.

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Differences between live and online casinos

In live casinos, you are able to interact with the dealer. Every table in an online casino is provided with an onscreen chat box that allows the player to send live messages to the dealers. You are able to chat with different players as well from all around the world. The dealers can reply to your chat which makes the experience more dynamic and enjoyable. Moreover, you can also see what the other players are typing in the chat box which makes it much more realistic just like in a regular casino.

Unlike normal online casino games, many Live dealer games employ more than one dealer in the game. This is done to create more back and forth exchanges of conversation and create an overall casino type atmosphere. The lengthy conversation gives the players a point to talk about, which makes the live game more enjoyable. This results in a party like atmosphere which is rarely felt in an online casino game.

In online casinos, you do not need to tip the Croupier. The reason is that the game is managed mostly by the software. In some live casinos, the gameplay allows the players to tip the dealers just like a regular casino. This brings an extra element of authenticity in the game. You just have to select the tip option and choose how much you want to tip the dealer.

In online casinos, the cards and chips are generated automatically. When the player chooses the deal options, the cards instantly appear out of thin air. This is good for cutting down wait times where the dealer takes time in dealing with cards or shuffling it. In Live casinos, wait times are normal as the dealers handle the game like a regular casino and take some time to transport the chips in the table or pull cards out of the shoe. This makes the experience more realistic like a brick and mortar casino.

In online casinos, the regular stakes are lower. The stakes are higher in live dealer games as the casinos have to rent a large studio or part of a casino, buy live streaming equipment and pay the live dealers. The cost of running the games in live casino games is much higher than a regular online casino.

You can have a wide variety of games in an online casino which have hundreds of different themes and variants. In live casinos, you are only limited to a selected number of games. Although most of the players are satisfied with the selection of games that live casinos offer, still the numbers are not even close to what online casinos offer.