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How Cart Corrals Can Save You Money

If you’re a grocery store or larger merchandising brick-and-mortar location, then you more than likely offer carts for your customers to put their items into while they move amongst your store and are shopping. It can be extremely helpful for your customers to have the ability to take their cart out to their cars and transfer their bought items into their vehicles. Most customers would then prefer to place their cart in a space to hold it outside instead of needing to walk the cart all the way back into the entrance of the store.

To create a better shopping experience for your customers, consider investing in multiple cart corrals for your parking lot.

What Is A Cart Corral?

Essentially, a cart corral is a metal piece that has rows with metal bars that will keep your carts in one place and will allow customers to leave their carts in the parking lot of your store. Depending on the size of your parking lot, your cart corral could have two rows on each side of the parking lot aisles, or, if you have a smaller parking lot, cart corrals can come with only one row.

Most stores decide to place cart corrals spread out amongst fifteen to twenty parking spaces apart. The majority of stores also include a car corral in each parking aisle so that all customers will have easy access to the corrals regardless of where they park.

Why Buy Multiple Cart Corrals?

Although cart corrals have an upfront cost associated with them, they can help to save you money in the long run. With cart corrals, you’ll only need to have an employee go out into the parking lot and grab all of the carts. Based on how many customers you have coming into the store, you’ll want to have an employee locate the carts every couple of hours so that the cart corral won’t begin to overflow.

Cart corrals can help your store save money because cart corrals can improve the customer buying experience. Some customers will be less likely to shop at your store on a regular basis if they have to walk the cart all the way back into the store.

Keep Customer Confidence Through Wiping Down Cart Handles

Cart corrals are extremely beneficial at the moment with the coronavirus pandemic taking place across the United States. Don’t allow customers to walk their carts back into the store, because this could allow a cart to be mixed in with carts that have already been cleaned.

Instead, encourage customers to leave their carts in the corrals. You’ll then be able to set up a system where an employee brings the carts inside (while wearing gloves) and then you’ll be able to have your employees wipe down each cart or spray them with an anti-bacterial spray.

These are some of the main advantages of using cart corrals in your parking lot to help with the organization of your carts.

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