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How to Cash Out Cryptocurrency in a Foreign Country


Dec 16, 2022

Many countries are becoming crypto hotbeds due to heavy investments and support from various government institutions. Turkey, the United States, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, India, and Thailand are some of the countries with the highest crypto index rankings in the world.

If you are a crypto investor visiting any of these countries or any other in the world, you should know how to cash out cryptocurrency in a foreign country just in case there is a need for that.

This article will give you simple options that will help you when traveling.

The Requirements to Cash Out Cryptocurrency

Cashing out crypto means selling your virtual coins for money. To do this when traveling abroad, you will need to remember your crypto wallet pin. Perhaps you will need to have a VPN service provider to secure your device while accessing your online digital wallet service provider. If you use a cold crypto wallet, be sure to bring the device with you.

Those who know how to cash out cryptocurrency from anywhere know that they must have their Visa or Mastercard with them. Sometimes, cash might not be available and the only option is to wire the cash into the bank after the transaction.

How to Cash Out Cryptocurrency Anywhere

For many people, crypto exchanges are the most viable option. You can do it from the comfort of your hotel using a mobile app or a web platform on your laptop. Here are the options:

  •       Third-party brokers – Most online crypto exchange platforms are third-party brokers. They have liquidity on their secure online platforms to help crypto investors cash out their coins. If it is your first time doing so, take your time to look at how to cash out cryptocurrency through a third-party broker on their official websites.
  •       P2P platforms – Unlike exchange brokers, these P2P platforms allow crypto enthusiasts to trade. If you are used to these platforms, you can access one while in a foreign country and still do it easily. However, it is not the best for first timers unless the platforms provide a secure platform to exchange crypto for cash.
  •       Physical crypto exchanges – These are physical outlets you can visit and have a chat with an agent to understand how to cash out cryptocurrency before you do it. The good thing with physical exchanges is that they are very secure as the company in charge provides all the security features for their operations. You can locate these physical outlets easily through a map or by asking in your crypto community platform.
  •       Bitcoin ATM – These crypto exchange booths allow you to walk out with cash after selling your crypto to them. They are self-service kiosks located in different parts of the world. So, all you need is to know where they are while traveling around the world. They are also secure, and you will not have any challenges when you follow the steps carefully.


There you go. You now have simple steps on how to cash out cryptocurrency while in a foreign country. They are steps you can use back home too. While doing all of these, you should be extra careful, especially if you do not understand the country so well.

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