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How To Clean And Maintain Your Shop Vacuum


May 28, 2022 #Business, #Featured

A shop vac is a great machine that helps in cleaning your car or construction site effectively. It is highly effective in removing debris, metal filings, wooden chips, and oils, things a normal vacuum cleaner would have trouble cleaning. Click here https://imperiumbuildingservices.ca/services/technical-rope-access-services/ it provides best rope access services with customized solutions for your building’s cleaning. When shopping around, it is good to consider who makes the best shop vacs. You will get to know which model best suits your needs as they come in many styles. A shop vac is simple and easy to use, and you may find yourself taking it for granted. There are some maintenance tips that you can follow to prolong the life span of the machine. These are:

  • Changing the Filter: After prolonged usage, the paper filters get clogged, or they can tear. It is good to check the manual to determine the lifespan of the filter. If your car or shop has heavy usage of the shop vac, you can shorten that duration and change the filter often.

How to Clean Shop Vac Filter: Beginner's Guide to Shop Vacuums

  • Slap the Handle Regularly: When you are cleaning, debris can get trapped inside some folds, which reduces the suction power, affecting your cleaning. Slapping the handle dislodges the debris before that happens, ensuring the material falls into the bucket.
  • Cleaning the Shop vac Thoroughly: You can clean the filter by blowing it off with compressed air in low pressure. Remember, the filter can get torn whenpressure is high. You can wash some dry filters with water and low pressure. However, you need to ensure that the filters dry thoroughly before you reinstall it in the vac. This will prevent clogging or mold, which will make it unusable.
  • Clean The Filter Regularly If You Cannot Change It: You can always clean the shop vacuum when emptying the debris from the bucket. You can also knock the filter against the bucket to dislodge any debris that is still stuck.

Vacuum the shop vac: You can clean the exterior of the vacuum, which helps it to deliver more suction power. This is especially the case when you clean the air intake to increase airflow. When the shop vac is not working well, its lifetime is reduced. Vacuuming the intakes is helpful. Also, when you remove grit from castors as well as add oil, the vacuum rolls effectively.

  •  Ensure that you remove the dust from the exterior, which ensures that you do not leave a trail as you clean.
  • Cleaning The Hose: If the hose gets blocked or constrained, it can impact how effectively you clean. You can regularly check to see if anything is lodged in the hose when you notice the vac losing its suction.

Ridgid Shop VAC 4X Pro Hose Review - YouTube

  • Keep Watch For Thinning Bristles: A shop vacuum is more powerful than the normal vacuum cleaner. The bristles protect the surface being cleaned from any damage due to the force used when cleaning. It is good to keep a watch on this, and a replacement of the brush accessory can be done if the bristles start to thin.

When you maintain a routine for cleaning the shop vacuum, you increase its lifespan as well as how well it will continue to work,

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