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How to find best air filter for car

ByDave Stopher

May 24, 2021

Air quality in your car can affect the rate at which infections spread. It’s extremely important to have an air purifier for your car that cannot only purify the air but also kill germs and viruses. It has been proven that the usage of air filters has significantly reduced the transmission of air-borne diseases. Moreover, poor quality cabin air filters do not filter out the dust and other physical substances in the air that can cause immediate reactions in the body of the people inside the car. These reactions include allergies, breathing problems, or other lung problems. It may trigger sneezing that may also cause accidents if it affects the person driving.

The importance of good quality cabin air filters stands undebated. In case you are wondering what are the exact qualities that a cabin filter should have, it is not so much of a puzzle. This article talks about three factors that make up the perfect cabin air filter. Knowing them will help you find a good one for your car as well!

Multiple layerings :

Air filters for your automobiles should purify harmful allergens and pollutants, thereby making sure that the passengers and the driver are at minimum risk of infections. It also offers protection against pollen allergies, dust allergies, and harmful gases.

These kinds of filters effectively capture most of these toxic substances, offering a 100% resistance towards house dust. It also captures 100% of allergens that are more than 2um.

With four layered air filters, you can get additional protection from viruses and bacteria transmitted inside your car. This can stop dust particles PM 2.5 and microorganisms that are a major cause of air-borne diseases.

Filters out toxic gases:

One of the most common forms of environmental pollution today is the emission of toxic gases from vehicles like nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), ammonia, sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, and aldehydes.

These are very harmful to the respiratory system and a major cause of all respiratory diseases. Most respiratory ailments start from the lungs and these toxic substances are known to cause inflammation and infections in the lungs. Research shows that 87% of trips are made in personal vehicles. People who travel every day are at maximum risk. Chronic respiratory diseases and asthma has been on the rise among people who travel by car every day. It’s best to use a multi-layered shield with air filters that will absorb all kinds of harmful gases. It’s best to also consider the climatic and environmental conditions where you drive before deciding on this air filter. It’s recommended to use multiple protective shields if you’re in an area with dense traffic and high pollution.

Engine health and fuel consumption :

To improve the longevity of your car and especially the combustion engine it’s highly recommended to use a good quality cabin air filter that protects your car and ensures that the air intake by the engine is free of dust particles, pollen, sand, emissions, and other contaminants. An ideal engine filter should offer in-depth filtration and increase the longevity of your car by 150 percent. Ideally, the filter should be made of synthetic materials for better aging and shock resistance. When choosing a good air filter for your engine also make sure that it complies with the ISO 5011 standard of optimization of system protection.

With gasoline becoming increasingly expensive it is best to use an air filter that not only helps your engine with clean air but also increases the mileage and longevity of your car. Lower fuel consumption also leads to lower emissions of CO2.

Only a few new models have the most up-to-date cabin air filters. Older models do not have the best filtering components. This might lead to a faster decay of the filters. However, the rate at which filters go bad also depends on where you drive around mostly and what is the pollution level in that area. This will affect the rate at which you need a new cabin filter. Having a strong cabin air filter will last longer. So, now that you know what makes up a good cabin filter, if you experience a bad odor in your car or if you have been feeling discomfort in breathing inside your car, know that it is time that you need a new cabin air filter.