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How to Plan for a Return to the Office

ByDarshan Shah

May 5, 2020

As many countries around the world are uplifting the lockdown, many employees are starting to visualize how the aftermath of the pandemic will affect their workplace. Are you ready to return to your office? For help with your website contact the web site

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However, returning to the workplace can be dangerous and highly risky. Keeping the safety measures in mind, business owners should construct a proper plan for the return of the employees to the office. A proper plan should include varies modes. Owners of businesses that are planning a return to the office should consider planning it thoroughly keeping the employees’ safety as their top priority.

Number of Staff

A significant number of people at a workplace would boost the chance of spreading the virus. To avoid this, the number of staff members returning to a workplace should be managed. To reduce the number of staff returning, half of the staff members should be working remotely, whereas the other half could be allowed into the office. Such a process could be established where departments could be working in shifts so they wouldn’t have to come to the office daily.

Most organizations will have to elect specific staff members to work from the office. If it is a factory, then those employees who are important for the process to be going  should be allowed into the office. Business owners will have to analyze the entire staff to conclude.

Continue Remote Working

In some parts of the world, the threat of the virus is greater. Even if the lockdown is uplifted from these areas, the threat will remain. Organizations in these parts of the world will have to continue remote working to some extent. This means that some of the members will have to continue working from home. Remote working should not be ended completely.

By any chance, if even one of the staff members gets infected, the rest of the staff may have returned to remote working. In such a scenario, communication between all the employees should be effective.

Physical Set-up

The restrictions that have been enforced by the government due to the outbreak of the virus will still have to be followed in case of the reopening of the offices. It is evident, that the office environment will not be like it was previously. To maintain social distancing, create a hygienic and safe environment, the physical setup of workplaces might have to be reconsidered.

If an organization owns a large area, the seating of the returning employees might have to be changed. To maintain the 6 feet distance rule, employees should be seated individually on separate desks.

These are the considerations that must be weighed before heading back to work.