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Importance of Moisture Wicking Clothing For Active People

ByDave Stopher

Sep 15, 2021

Whether you hit the gym everyday, go on summer and winter hikes, or just enjoy being active outdoors, wearing moisture-wicking clothes is important to make you feel more comfortable. No one wants the sticky feeling of your clothing because of sweat. Although people sweat differently, excessive sweating can lead to discomfort and a drop in your performance and activities.

Remember that the clothes you wear make a significant difference in your active lifestyle, so it’s important to choose a fast-drying, breathable and cooling material that’s perfect for any activity.

Why Choose Moisture-Wicking Fabrics?

Moisture-wicking clothes are made from synthetic fibers that help draw away moisture from your skin. When you sweat, it evaporates from your skin and produces a cooling effect that restores your skin temperature’s comfortable level. It also prevents chafing, so you remain comfortable throughout your activities.

Moisture-wicking works by allowing moisture to travel from your body to your clothes’ exterior. It helps your sweat to evaporate and keep you dry with the help of capillary spaces in the material. Capillary refers to the ability of the liquid to move through small spaces.

This efficient process is complemented by the fabrics. They pick up moisture and spread it on the surface of the material so it evaporates fast. It helps you stay dry and improves your performance in many ways.

Here are some benefits of opting for moisture-wicking clothes:

  • Features Various Applications

Moisture-wicking clothes are not only for activewear, they can also be used as sleepwear. They are perfect for people who experience hot flashes or night sweats so their skin remains dry. They can help ease sleep disruptions by preventing the moisture from clinging to their body.

If you wear the wrong kind of sleepwear, the fabric may be soaked in sweat that will lower your body temperature. It will create chills that can awaken you during the night. Choose the right sleepwear so moisture will evaporate instead of accumulate, and create a temperature that is comfortable for sleeping.

  • Performs In All Kinds Of Weather

When it’s hot, moisture-wicking fabric will prevent sweat to cause you any discomfort. When it’s cold, it will enhance ventilation to help regulate your body temperature and keep it dry.

In cold weather, avoid wearing clothes that allow moisture to remain close to your skin as it can cause hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses. For instance, when going skiing, choose proper clothing like the Descente ski pants that feature brushed stretch fabric with moisture-wicking capabilities.

Wearing wicking undergarments with wind-proof outer garments will help promote ventilation and will keep you dry.

  • Provides Breathability

Breathability refers to air movement in and out of the fabric weave. Most breathable garments feature small pores that prevent outside moisture from getting in. It allows moisture to escape and keeps wind and water from getting in, so as sweat evaporates, you stay dry.

  • Easy To Clean

Moisture-wicking fabric is guaranteed to be durable and easy to wash. It also doesn’t shrink and stain easily. Snags, tears and other usual garment malfunctions are not common. If possible, avoid using the dryer too much because high heat may end up burning the fabric treatments that help wick sweat.

They are designed to dry quickly, so they will need less time in the dryer than the rest of your clothes, so make sure you check them to avoid over drying.

  • Increases Comfort

You need to have comfortable clothes especially if you have an active lifestyle. Being uncomfortable in your attire can be distracting, so it’s important to have moisture-wicking clothes that feature a wide range of motion and flexibility. They also feature a light and adaptive material so you’ll be able to focus on your activities.

Health Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Clothes

Moisture-wicking clothing helps improve your hygiene by preventing bacteria from accumulating in your clothes. Since bacteria love moist environments, activewear is usually their ideal place. Moisture-wicking clothes dry out quickly, so bacteria is always prevented. The smell that usually accompanies workout clothes is also gone, thus preventing body odor.

It also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the feet that can cause painful sores and blisters. Moisture-wicking socks help keep your feet dry and avoid creating a wet environment that can breed bacteria.

Choosing the right outfit for your lifestyle is important. If you have an active lifestyle, moisture-wicking clothes are perfect for strenuous activities to keep you cool and comfortable. It can also prevent your body from suffering extreme temperatures so you can do your activities effectively.