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Information And Tips On Creating Quality Content For Your Website

ByDave Stopher

Aug 6, 2019

Creating An Advanced And Documented Content Approach

Here is where numerous businesses get it wrong. They either don’t have a content marketing plan, or they do, but it is seriously flawed.

You can be utilizing all the SEO hacks, but without a solid content marketing plan, your efforts will be fruitless.

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Exactly How Essential Is A Content Marketing Plan?

According to research conducted, not documenting your content marketing tactic can affect your chances of achieving success and cut it in half. Sixty percent of companies with a documented content marketing plan will achieve results from content marketing. Thirty-two percent of companies with a verbal, but not documented content marketing plan will achieve results whereas only seven percent of businesses without a content marketing plan will thrive.

Make Sure You Are Writing Good Quality Content

An excellent content marketing plan which involves catchy headlines but has content that is not compelling will result in readers bouncing out instantly. This can lead to an unfavorable traffic report.

But How Do You Write More Captivating Content?

You can start by implementing these useful hacks:

Hack 1 – Captivating Readers From the Get-Go

People generally have short attention spans. If you don’t excite your audience at the beginning of your blogs, they will leave instantly. You can draw them in by stating general everyday problems that your audience faces or by telling a story.

Hack 2 –Use Shorter Sections

When you’re trying to improve your Brisbane SEO, avoid using long paragraphs that tends to go on too long and using massive blocks of text. The easier it is to scan your content, the better. Try to use paragraphs of only five to six lines (Ideally two to three).

Hack 3 – Reading Your Writing Piece Aloud When You’re Editing

What looks favorable on the screen doesn’t necessarily sound good. When you’re reading the content aloud, you can determine which phrases sound clunky, and you’ll find errors that you would have missed otherwise.

Hack 4 – Telling More Stories

Stories have a way of involving people emotionally and driving them into action. Adding stories into your content to substantiate arguments, explain issues can entice people to stick around and to find out more.

Hack 5 – Using Bucket Brigades

These are typically words or phrases which are aimed at getting people to halt, pay attention, and continue reading the next line of text. The term “bucket brigades” was coined and promoted by Brian Dean of Backlinko. This is generally a phrase that stands alone and ends with a colon, redirecting users to a different paragraph continuing the article.

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Make Sure Your Headlines Are Persuasive To Draw The Reader In

A fascinating headline is usually what sells your content. If you want readers to read your content as well as rank well in search engines, then great headlines are vital. Mostly, two things need to be optimized with your captions:

  • Search traffic
  • Social traffic

Make sure you are utilizing the appropriate keywords, the right length, and they must be captivating so that users can click on them.