Beautiful creative imagery is captured by Instagrammer @Paperboyo as he celebrates the easing of Covid-restrictions

His first picture released post-lockdown sees a family reunited; transforming a set of stairs in London into this emotive visual. British photographer Rich McCor, aka  @Paperboyo releases new ‘reunion’ photo using his signature, story-telling paper ‘cut-outs’ creative. He captured the imaginative photo using Sony’s new α7C camera, and marks his return to the city streets post-lockdown.

Paperboyo and Sony have also released a behind-the-scenes video to show budding content creators how they too can create striking images in his unique style:

With almost two thirds (64%) of people not seeing their families in person for at least 3 months, the picture captures the joy of being out exploring again with family members

It comes as more than half of Brits (58%) are looking forward to being reunited with their family more than a holiday abroad

Photographer and avid traveller @Paperboyo, known for his clever and creative ‘paper cut-out’ photography, has released a new image to mark the easing of lockdown restrictions. The image is released as new research shows the nation is looking forward to the prospect of reunions with almost two thirds (64%) not seeing their families in person for at least 3 months and a third (33%) haven’t hugged their loved ones in over a year.

After spending the past year abiding by lockdown restrictions and limiting his travels, this latest release marks Paperboyo’s first shoot back in London. The striking image depicts a child on the shoulders of a family member, pointing into the distance as they set out on an adventure, capturing the feelings of hope and joy as the nation looks forward to exploring the country once again. The heart-warming vignette serves a reminder of the fun that can be had with photography on our own doorsteps.

The image reflects the emotion many of us are feeling as the restrictions continue to ease, with two fifths (42%) of Brits saying they’re looking forward to the simple pleasure of exploring the UK again and over half (58%) admitting they’re looking forward to being reunited with their family more than a holiday abroad. The research also revealed 60% of the country admit lockdown has made them realise how much their families mean to them.

Paperboyo’s creative style has seen him amass a cult following of almost 500,000 on Instagram, ingeniously transforming iconic cityscapes around the world into clever artwork using paper props.

Paperboyo’s latest London image was shot using Sony’s new α7C camera, the world’s smallest and lightest camera body delivering image quality for both stills and movies that you’d expect from a full-frame camera.

For those feeling inspired and wanting to turn their hand to experimental photography, Paperboyo has released a behind-the-scenes look at how he captures his content and his creative process. The ‘how-to’ video guide provides exclusive advice on how to create these spectacular photos on your doorstep, from choosing the right location to picking the right cut out and getting the right perspective.

Speaking of the project, Paperboyo said, “It’s really exciting to finally be able to return to the city, so I wanted to create an image that captures and celebrates the nation’s hope as lockdown restrictions continue to ease. In order to bring cities to life, you need imagination but also detail and depth. As a travelling content creator, Sony’s α7C provides me with a compact, portable camera that moves easily from A to B, without compromising on incredible image quality.”