Online dating in the UK has grown a great deal in recent years. As a result this period of rapid transformation, new trends in these dating sites have emerged. These trends demonstrate that there are still growing pains and ongoing successes in the realm of online dating today. Let’s take a quick look at some of the trends in online dating in the UK so you are prepared now and for the future.

Dating Apps For Hookups

One of the ongoing trends for online dating in the UK is the use of dating applications for hookups. The trend of swiping for people to show if you are interested and then hooking up is annoying to most serious daters. Yet, all signs seem to indicate that this form of dating is not going anywhere. However, there are some benefits for people that just want to have a hookup and don’t want to get involved on a dating site. It is understandable, but it is also undermining the dating communities that good websites are trying to build.

Group Dates

Most online dating sites have mastered some degree of helping people date as individuals. Yet, a more challenging form of dating that is being introduced on some websites is group dates. People like the ability to stand out and be dominant or submissive within a group of dating individuals. Also, dating in groups is one way of picking out your favorite person from a subset of potential dates and mates. Not every site has been effective at introducing this form of dating on their site, and it is often mistaken as an attempt at something sexual. Yet, more sites in the UK are catching on to this form of dating, so expect to see the option on a site near you soon.

Trusting Websites To Make Matches

People can try meeting and dating people all they want, but they are still not finding a date that is fun and fulfilling. The problem that people run into is that they are falling into the same dating traps that lead to them to unhappiness. Thus, more and more people are turning to dating websites which allow you to enter search criteria and then generate a list of potential mates. This is taking the guesswork out of dating and is becoming a helpful last resort effort for people that have not found their best dating outcomes.

Video Chatting For Dates

The final online dating trend that is becoming popular in the UK is video chats becoming a more common form of dating. In the past, texts and pictures were the best form of dating. Yet, people want more lifelike dates and a lower chance of being fooled through “catfishing” or something of that sort. That is why people are signing up for sites like, where video chat is available and has already been mastered by the site. This particular site has been offering video chats to users for years, and is leading the charge in more fun, naughty, and flirty chats using these options.

All in all, there are a lot of changes that are happening in online dating in the UK. Among them are new ways to use websites as a way to find dates with the minimal effort on the part of the person dating. This reflects a willingness to trust websites to make matches as well as a distrust of personal ability in dating. Still, some sites are more prepared for these trends to take full effect, and it is best to gravitate towards them now and in the future.