• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

North East Connected

Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

Participants at Maximum Fitness S.A.S Charity Beach Bootcamp for Feeding Families.

In a remarkable display of community spirit, Maximum Fitness, a prominent local gym, organised a significant charity event to support the local charity Feeding Families recently.

With an impressive turnout of over 220 participants from various backgrounds, the event showcased the power of unity in making a positive impact.

Embracing the event’s theme of pushing physical and mental boundaries, attendees demonstrated their dedication to both personal growth and the noble cause of aiding those affected by food insecurity.

Max Roberts, Owner, and Coach of Maximum Fitness, expressed the gym’s commitment to community support, stating, Community support lies at the core of what we do at Maximum Fitness. Witnessing the incredible turnout and seeing everyone exceed their limits for a greater purpose was truly humbling and heart-warming.”

The event underscored Maximum Fitness’ dedication to health, wellness, and community involvement. By partnering with Feeding Families, a charity focused on combating food poverty, the gym illustrated its awareness of local challenges and its determination to be part of the solution.

Feeding Families conveyed their appreciation for the partnership and the funds generated through the event. Rachel Jane Lister from Feeding Families stated, “Collaborations like these remind us of the strength of community spirit. The funds raised will directly impact families grappling with food insecurity, and we are immensely grateful to Maximum Fitness and all attendees for their support. Our firm belief is that our actions, regardless of scale, can lead to enduring change.”

The charity event not only emphasised unity’s importance but also highlighted the collective potential for positive change. Maximum Fitness’ philanthropic dedication stands as a shining example of how local businesses can drive transformation within their communities.