A FIRM that helps bring global student talent to the North East is setting its sights on new international markets.

The International Education Services Arab World Ltd. (IESAW), is broadening its horizons and helping students realise their university dreams with support from the Department for International Trade (DIT).

IESAW offers world-wide services to students hoping to study toward degrees in the North East. By providing educational development opportunities to those living in the Arab world, IESAW helps foster understanding and encourage cultural relations.

Support, delivered through the DIT’s ERDF programme, enabled IESAW to develop Arabic brochures and an Arabic version of its website, helping it engage with its target audience and better promote its services.

Abdoul Almhdie, founder and Managing Director of IESAW, started the company in 2005, having studied in the region himself.

Abdoul said: “When it comes to growing our international network, our relationship with the DIT is a great asset. We are looking towards China, Kazakhstan and Turkey, where we can connect with the relevant DIT’s and expand our ever-growing network.

“The DIT has provided a great deal of assistance, enabling the achievement of our initial aims. They advise us on marketing, strategy, and workshops. Importantly, they also advise us on exhibitions and events that may be of use to us – this allows us to learn from those around us, and expand our network.”

With a detailed understanding of the needs within this sector, Abdoul brings both the skills and knowledge essential to the success and progression of IESAW.

Abdoul said: “In 2001 I began working with students, helping them reach their goals of studying at the wonderful universities in the region. I advised students about different courses and helped them find the ones that suited them best.

“In 2005, I established IESAW. We worked with students from the Middle East and North Africa. We found high income countries in the Middle East, like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and some in North Africa, tended to send a lot of students to study in the region.

“There was a great opportunity for us to work with these students, providing them all of the necessary services and helping to make the progression to university more manageable.”

IESAW boasts a team of six international education experts, delivering training in a range of topics and access to resources and services, such as language schools.

Abdoul explains: “When a student comes to us, we start with their English skills and go from there. We provide them with access to the English school – those able to will go on to university, and those needing more help continue at the language school while they study.

“We make sure every student has access to all of the relevant services, to ensure their university career is a success.”

IESAW is now firmly rooted in the Middle East and North Africa, and is working towards expanding international connections in China, Kazakhstan and Turkey – where an increasing number of students are seeking further and higher education in the North East.

International Trade Director, Julie Underwood, said: “IESAW is a brilliant operation – both locally and globally. The team show a real desire to succeed, by broadening their international networks and engaging with even more students.

“It is brilliant to see IESAW enjoying such success. Helping North East businesses with the ambition to succeed is a real delight, and we are looking forward to see what the future brings for IESAW.”

Its international growth is made possible because of its strong roots within the North-East and flourishing relationship with the DIT: IESAW continues to go global, by staying local.